Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, January 25, 2021 – 15:09.

Biden’s energy and environmental policies are economic destroyers. States that have based their economic future on energy, particularly oil are not going to tolerate Biden’s environmentalism.

Biden’s cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline is symbolic of what is happening across America. In Biden’s first week, he has already cancelled over 50,000 jobs in an economy that has already been rocked by the Democratic Party lockdowns with policies that have nothing to do with Covid. However, it has everything to do with power and control.

flag burn

When Biden went after the oil industry in his first few days of being in office, he declared war on the oil industry and every American who drives a car.

The following map is instructive on how widespread energy production is in America and Biden declared war these people and industries as well. with Biden’s new energy policies, combined with what see in the map below, it is easy to see that a civil war looms large loom. 

How Much Energy Does Your State Produce? | Department of Energy

Who is Biden Angering? Where U.S. crude oil is produced

  • The top five crude oil-producing states and their percentage shares of total U.S. crude oil production in 2019 were.
  • Texas41.4%
  • North Dakota11.6%
  • New Mexico7.4%
  • Oklahoma4.7%
  • Colorado4.2%

Oct 26, 2020


Every oil man in America is now lining up against this new administration which came to power by the hook and crook of election fraud. The oil industry will surely mobilize against Biden. However there are not clear lines of demarcation. Further, it would be a fools errand to rise up against Biden et al and defeat them at the next election. This is not possible. 

Given the recent chain of events, it was not just the election of 2020 that was stolen. [Painful as it is to face] the entire election process has been stolen. There will be no more free elections within the United States.

So, what is a good oil baron to do? Campaigning will not help. Lobbying will not help since the Democrats control the media and all 3 branches of government. What choice do the energy states have. The only option left to the people of these oil-producing states is to leave the Union. This will prove to be the catalyst of the secession movements we are now witnessing in places like Texas. 

People from across the country, particularly from “blue” areas are flocking to Texas. They are coming because of no state income tax and the lack of burdensome taxes and regulations. Texas is ripe with talk about leaving the Union. Texas legislators believe that they have the right to leave the Union without permission of the federal government.

Texas will become the catalyst for separatism. The Left will oppose this movement and a civil war will result. However, it is not just Texas. Please look at the map where energy is produced. The minute that these catastrophic blows are felt by the oil industry, there will be trouble. Couple that with gun control and gun confiscation efforts led by Biden, this will prove to be the tipping point. 

Can you imagine that economic ruination is at hand because of Biden’s energy policies. Add to that the seizure of guns, you have the necessary prescription for civil war.

Biden set a record for record job loss in the first week of a Presidency with the estimated loss of 50K jobs. Further, the states that produce energy (eg oil) coincide with states that have strong gun protection laws. 

It is for these two reasons that America will be  battle ground for civil war. Now that we have the prescription, for civil war, is there anything that can prevent it?