This is chilling

PAUL SACCA April 11, 2021Image via Twitter @LauraKrauseNews

Hundreds of Canadian Christians gathered on Sunday at the GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta. Government officials shut down the church for allegedly violating public COVID-19 health orders.

Authorities erected a chain-link fence to prevent the house of worship from reopening last week. On Sunday, worshippers tore down the barricade, but were quickly met by a large contingent of riot police.POLL: What scares you the most?

Alberta Health Services physically closed the GraceLife Church, preventing access to the building. AHS said the church would remain closed until the GraceLife Church “can demonstrate the ability to comply with Alberta’s chief medical officer of health’s restrictions.” The Royal Canadian Mounted Police even closed off the access roads in front of the church to the public.

Approximately 400 people gathered outside the church on Sunday, according to the Edmonton Journal. The Christians were not able to get inside the church, so they sang hymns and listened to Bible readings outside the building.

Some of the people outside of the building began to tear down the fence, despite pleas from the crowd to “leave the fence alone!”

Here come the police to enforce the law


Looks like a small minority are seeking to ruin it for the rest. This was a peaceful gathering (church service), and then some zealots have stepped over the line. Police then are called in, These ones were similar to those at Capitol Hill on Jan 6th.