***URGENT*** The Russian Foreign Ministry has just announced “Russia will not tolerate any more civilian casualties in Gaza.”

Vladimir Putin wearing a suit and tie: A Russian official warned Israel on Wednesday against engaging in actions that contribute to additional civilian casualties in the Gaza conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to greet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at Prime Minister's Office on January 23, 2020, in Jerusalem, Israel.

© Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images A Russian official warned Israel on Wednesday against engaging in actions that contribute to additional civilian casualties in the Gaza conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to greet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at Prime Minister’s Office on January 23, 2020, in Jerusalem, Israel.

Now you know why stock markets are plummeting and gold is rising today (Story HERE)  

This is a direct and blunt warning to the state of Israel that they must stop the bombing of civilians in the Gaza Strip.   It is a warning coming from the second most powerful country on earth.

Much more as information becomes available.   Updates to appear below . . .

UPDATE 12:51 PM EDT — Netanyahu: “Israel is not ruling out a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.”

UPDATE 12:56 PM EDT — Palestinian President: Israeli attacks in Gaza are war crimes. No elections without Jerusalem, “whatever the price.”

For those of you who may not be keeping score on these troubles, today’s announcement by Russia’s Foreign Ministry means that as of today, 19 May 2021, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and now, of course, Russia, which are the big players . . . have all come out publicly against Israel. All of the other Muslim countries to a lesser extent. The stage is just about set. for World War 3.


Putin told Netanyahu Russia could declare war on Israel amid Palestine situation!

PUTIN told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu their two countries could find themselves in a state of war as tensions with Palestine built up to today’s crisis in Gaza.


Keep a close eye out for this… Palestine is about to make a formal call to Turkey and Pakistan to send peacekeeping force into Palestine, at the United Nations


Religious figures are now openly saying “Russia and Turkey both are telling Israel to stop; Iran is funding the weapons: EZEKIEL 38,39 we are there Russia Turkey Iran…

and . . .

Pak MNA Asma Qadeer: “The only option we have now is to declare JIHAD against Israel. No more negotiations. Enlist me for jihad.

This is an actual call for Muslim Jihad coming publicly from a Minister in the Government of Pakistan.   

(HT REMARK: This situation between Israel and the Gaza Strip has now, I think, officially spun out of control. Mark the date so history (if any of us survive) will remember.)

Update 1:09 PM EDT — BREAKING: Rocket launches seen from southern Lebanon towards northern Israel

Sky News Arabia reporting that the rockets towards Israel seem to have been launched from Seddiqine in southern Lebanon, southeast of Tyre.

UPDATE 1:13 PM EDT — IDF responding with artillery fire in Southern Lebanon

Israeli Air Force warplanes spotted over South Lebanon  right now.

Hezbollah Al-Nour radio: media sources say IDF targeting vicinity of town of Alma, area of Al-Wardani in vicinity of town of Qana in south Lebanon, in response to rocket fire from Lebanon into Israel

UPDATE 1:15 PM EDT — White House reveals Biden spoke with Israel PM Netanyahu this morning and told him that he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire.   

(HT REMARK: Clearly, Biden has no gravitas; nobody pays any attention to him because they all know he’s an illegitimate President who grabbed the job via stealing an election.  They further know he’s a dementia-addled man (no fault of his own) and he’ll probably forget whatever they spoke about in a few minutes anyway, so they don’t have to do as he asks! Netanyahu explicitly ignored the (illegitimate) President of the United States and upped the attacks the same day!  Hey Biden voters, LOOK at what you’ve caused. )

MORE on the Missiles shot from Lebanon:

This is the third attack from Lebanon, but it differs from previous ones in that the rockets used today appear to have a higher range (at least according to the initial details regarding the location of the rocket launch).

Previous attacks were short range, this one came from deeper inside Lebanon. That plus the mere fact that multiple attacks were carried out, means Hezbollah is likely at least turning a blind eye – more likely pushing for these attacks whilst maintaining plausible deniability

UPDATE 1:22 PM EDT — Secretary of Defense Austin spoke on the phone again with his Israeli counterpart Benny Gantz about the need for a cease fire in Gaza, Israeli officials say

UPDATE 1:35 PM EDT — Yediot Aharonot: The Israeli government has ordered to open and equip Bomb shelters from Haifa to the far north of occupied Palestine immediately


UPDATE 1:41 PM EDT — Netanyahu rejects Biden’s request for a ceasefire, says there is no time limit for the Israeli operation


Riots break out at Jerusalem’s holy sites: Israeli troops fire tear gas at Palestinians at the walls of the old city as two IDF soldiers are shot at protest on the West bank on 8th day of Gaza conflict

Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza says 227 killed, including 64 minors, and over 1620 wounded since fighting began last week.


Total of four rockets fired, two land at sea, another hits open area near Arab town. This was an extreme effort to fire without hurting anyone, upsetting anyone too much, or starting a war.

Mini-attack from Lebanon was likely a warning, coordinated with Hamas, which desperately seeks a ceasefire. The message: Stop the war in Gaza or face a conflict on 2 fronts.

WHOA!  Defense Minister Gantz ordered to accelerate the IDF’s operational actions against terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip.

UPDATE 1:56 PM EDT —  Izz Adin al-Qassam Brigades: “Today the z enemy will feel Tel Aviv burning. Tel Aviv will burN at 21 h  (HT Remark: Israel is seven hours ahead of US east coast.  2100 in Israel equates to 2:00 PM eastern US time .  .  . four minutes form now!)

UPDATE 2:02 PM EDT–  AOC and other progressives mull a resolution to block the $735 million arms sale to Israel.