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Early Sunday morning, I rushed to The Revival Christian Church in Narre Warren. 

I had learned that the church’s pastor, Paul Furlong, had plans to defy Victoria’s snap lockdown and open for worship services.

But when I arrived, I found the entire area was closed off by police.   

A few minutes later, I received a tip that police arrested Pastor Paul the night before, and that church members moved their service to the Fountain Gate Shopping Centre — a criminal hotspot infamous for gang activity and sparse policing. 

But there was no shortage of police that day. Dozens of masked police officers swarmed the churchgoers to disperse their “illegal” gathering. 

WATCH and SHARE the scene at Pastor Paul’s church, and the moment one man was tackled to the ground and arrested for asking why he needed to move on.

This is what happened when Police STORMED a peaceful church

service in Melbourne

What you’re seeing in Melbourne in 2021 in the name of public health is what you would expect in Communist China. 

Police rarely crack down on the everyday criminal activity that takes place at Fountain Gate. So why was this peaceful worship any different? 

Pastor Paul risked everything, including his freedom, to stand up for our rights.

That’s why he is part of our Fight The Fines campaign, our massive project to defend Australian civil liberties by crowdfunding lawyers for victims of overzealous pandemic police. 

If you are as appalled as I am by the aggressive response by Victoria Police on Pastor Paul’s church and want to help us secure his freedom, please head over to and donate what you can.