On Saturday, British PM Boris Johnson called on his fellow G7 leaders to make a commitment to see the whole world vaccinated by the end of 2022.

The UK is hosting the first in-person summit of the G7 leaders since the pandemic began. A group of finance ministers from the G7 nations met on Saturday morning in London and have agreed to back the Biden administration’s plan for a minimum corporate tax of 15 percent in their respective nations

Boris Johnson calls on G7 leaders to 'vaccinate the world' by end of 2022

The leaders of Germany, France, the United States, Italy, Japan, the European Union, and Canada will join Johnson for the three-day summit in Cornwall, southwest England, which begins on Friday.

According to the National Post, Johnson prepared a statement which reads:

“Vaccinating the world by the end of next year would be the single greatest feat in medical history. I’m calling on my fellow G7 leaders to join us to end this terrible pandemic and pledge we will never allow the devastation wreaked by coronavirus to happen again.” Johnson also later tweeted, “We have a responsibility to do everything we can to defeat COVID around the world.

Many experts have iterated that vaccines may need to be donated in large numbers across the world, in order to help poorer countries speed up vaccine rollout to avoid further spreading and possible mutations of the coronavirus.


Nice Boris….what about every other disease out there, like the annual flu, Cholera or Malaria, famine, poor water supply, housing, etc. Now we know that statements like this, have a perverse agenda, plain and simple.