Ha! Ha! Fooled Ya!  California Re-Imposes Mask Mandates - Vaccine was all for nothing!

So, you were one of the folks who went right out and got your “vaccine” for the novel coronavirus because “you want to get back to a normal life.” 

You thought you’d be protected and could go out and do all the stuff the government told you not to do for a year.   HA HA – the joke’s on you!  

Los Angeles County announced Thursday that it would re-instate an indoor mask mandate for residents, “regardless of vaccination status.”

The order, implemented after a rise in positive coronavirus cases in the county, will take effect Saturday at 11:59 p.m., according to L.A. County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis.

“We’re not where we need to be for the millions at risk of infection here in Los Angeles County, and waiting to do something will be too late given what we’re seeing now,” Davis said Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Davis, who said the county has witnessed an 83 percent increase in positive cases over the last week, suggested that the mask mandate will resemble the one that was in place prior to California’s reopening, which took place on June 15.

“We expect to keep this order in place until we begin to see improvements,” Davis added.

Hal Turner Remarks

It apparently never occurred to this dingbat Health Official that it is the VACCINE causing the Coronavirus Symptoms! 

According to Doctor Byram Bridle of the University of Guelth in Canada, the “spike protein” generated by the VACCINE is a toxin.   It is likely what’s causing the exact symptoms they are now citing as a reason to re-impose their mandates.  Fools!

So you thought you’d get your life back if you got vaxxed, and now you see you’re not getting any life back.  You were lied to and you fell for it.  Morons.  

The vax clearly doesn’t work.  But that shit is in your system, altering your genetic code with its messenger RNA, and there’s no “off” switch.

Lucky you.