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While the globalists continue to utter their mantra to the vaccine cult, “get vaccinated, wear masks, social distance”, a new story out of the Antarctica is the perfect example proving they’re babbling nonsense. 

With a COVID outbreak ongoing at the ‘bottom of the Earth‘, Antarctica, a location where vaxxes are mandatory and they’re practically sealed off from the rest of the world, how will the ‘vaccine mandates’ being pushed by Joe Biden and the globalists do any good at all? They won’t, all of this is more proof this entire episode in US and world history was ‘designed‘ to help them usher in tyranny! 

This ANP story will combine several different stories/threads about something very strange going on in Antarctica. First, via Steve MacDonald of the Blue State Conservative.

I’m waiting for the number of kids with COVID to skyrocket as the numbers of the Jabbed increase, making them more susceptible to the virus to which they were once more naturally immune. Until then, we’ve got this story

A Belgian scientific research station in Antarctica has been hit with an outbreak of Covid-19, despite workers being fully vaccinated and based in one of the world’s remotest regions. 

Since 14 December, 11 workers at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught the virus. 

All have now recovered. 

“The situation isn’t dramatic,” Joseph Cheek, a project manager for the International Polar Foundation, told the BBC. “While it has been an inconvenience to have to quarantine certain members of the staff who caught the virus, it hasn’t significantly affected our work at the station overall,” Mr Cheek said. 

The IPF said that the first positive test was recorded on the 15 December, among a team that had arrived a few days earlier from Cape Town in South Africa. Eleven people in total tested positive, according to the IPF. Three left the station in December while eight remain there – at present there are 30 members of staff at the station. 

All residents at the base are required to be vaccinated before arriving and undergo several PCR tests. 

Princess Elisabeth station is operated by the International Polar Foundation and went into service in 2009. 

It isn’t the first time research stations in Antarctica have been affected by a coronavirus outbreak. Last year, a number of Chilean military personnel based at Bernardo O’Higgins research station were infected after sailors on a supply ship tested positive for the virus.

Those pesky mRNA Viruses. They don’t just have an arms-length list of potential adverse side effects (including death). These still unapproved experimental injections unflatten the curve

This very interesting thread about the photographs and tweets seen above and below in which we learn that numerous globalists, including ‘Great Reset‘ proponent Klaus Schwab, allegedly recently hinted of a very important meeting going on in the Antarctic of which one attendee tweeted: “Antarctica? This will change everything. Everything.” 

QUESTION: On July 13, did European Central Bank President Christine Legarde tweet? “Important meeting in Antarctica in December.” 

QUESTION: On Nov-30, did World Economic Forum boss and “Great Reset” pusher Klaus Schwab tweet? “Next stop Antarctica.” 

FACT: There is “Rothschild Island” in Antarctica.

FACT: There is “Delta Island” in Antarctica.

FACT: There is an “Omicron Island” in Antarctica.

FACT: There is “Coronation Island” near Antarctica.

Just a very strange coincidence that those pushing a ‘great reset‘ and a ‘new world order‘ were highly enthusiastic of an ‘Antarctica meeting‘ right before a COVID outbreak happened at one of their bases? And we have to ask, what of the Delta, Omicron and Rothschild Islands?

And whenever we hear about Antarctica, we can’t forget about ‘Operation Highjump‘, the highly secretive US Navy expedition to Antarctica back in 1946 and 1947, an expedition that had long rumored ties to UFO’s and a ‘Nazi 3rd Reich. Just another part of history that the global elite have no intention of allowing the American people to know the truth about, as we hear in both of the final two videos at the bottom of this story, 

And we see in this new story over at The Express that the mainstream media is finally catching up with some in the independent media with this story titled “Antarctica discovery of ‘warm caves’ offered stunning evidence for life beneath ice”

Reporting that these new discoveries in a world so far away from society that most people alive today will only see it on TV, in the movies and on the internet, it’d be a very safe bet to say that much more is going on behind the scenes in the Antarctic that the people of the world will never find out, especially considering the globalists interest in that region. From this Express story before our conclusion.: 

Mount Erebus is Antarctica’s second-highest active volcano, after Mount Sidley, and the southernmost active volcano on Earth. With a summit elevation of 3,684 metres, it is located on Ross Island, an island formed by four volcanoes in the Ross Sea. It has been active for around many years and could help provide evidence for a secret world of animals and plants beneath the icy continent.

Surrounding Mount Erebus is an intricate system of caves, hollowed out in the ice by steam. 

These caves were explored during an extensive study led by the Australian National University, in which researchers found how steam produced from the volcano travels through open spaces, melting passageways through the network of caves in the process. 

The team said the caves are light and could reach temperatures of 25℃, making them potential breeding grounds for life.

As Steve Quayle warns in his book “Empire Beneath The Ice: How The Nazi’s Won World War II”“The truth about history has been hidden…most of what you learned about World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany is wrong.” 

With the COVID outbreak at ‘the bottom of the Earth‘ giving us more proof that the vax is a failure, and the outbreak coming at a time soon after the globalists had a ‘pow wow‘ of some sort in the Antarctic of which one participant tweeted ‘will change everything‘, we can only speculate about what is really going on in the Antarctic, with the chance that they’ll actually come out and tell us as slim as a snowball’s chance of making it in hell. Each of the videos below take a look at current and past-day Antarctic events.  

Story section at top of page originally by Steve MacDonald. Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, taxpayer advocate, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Editor at Large and a co-owner of; a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

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