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NZ: Businessman Admits Distributing Mosque Shooting Footage




26 Apr, 2019 2:40pm

 Quick Read
Philip Arps at a previous appearance.
Philip Arps at a previous appearance.

A Christchurch businessman has pleaded guilty to two charges of distributing footage of the Al Noor Mosque attack.

Philip Neville Arps – who owned a white supremacist themed insulation company – was convicted on both charges when he appeared via video link in the Christchurch District Court today.

Details of the charges were read out in court today.

One charge was for sharing raw footage from the accused shooter’s livestream to approximately 30 people on Facebook.

The other was for requesting the footage be modified by another person – having crosshairs and a “kill count” added.

The court heard he intended to distribute this modified footage as a meme.

A police statement says Arps, 44, said the modified footage was ‘awesome’ – and says he showed no empathy for the people killed.

In 2016 Arps was one of a group of men who filmed themselves doing Hitler salutes as they delivered boxes of pigs heads and offal to the Al Noor mosque.

“White power. … Bring on the cull,” Arps was seen saying in the video.

In that case he was convicted of offensive behaviour and fined $800.

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