“The truth is that you have burned hundreds of billions of shekels to no avail – for publishing intimidation, for ineffective tests, for destructive lockdowns, and for disrupting the routine of life in the last two years,” reads Professor Ehud Qimron’s open letter to the Israeli Health Ministry.

By Contributing Reporter -January 11, 2022

Report by Swiss Policy Research

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Original letter in Hebrew: N12 News (January 6, 2022); translated by Google / SPR. See also: Professor Qimron’s prediction from August 2020: “History will judge the hysteria” (INN).

Professor Ehud Qimron and two members of his team. (Photo internet reproduction)
Professor Ehud Qimron and two members of his team. (Photo internet reproduction)

Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed.

When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so.

Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail.

You do not admit it because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years. Still, in retrospect, it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.

Despite years of observations and scientific knowledge, you refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves. You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda, “you overcame the plague.”

And again, you defeated it, and again and again and again.

You refused to admit that mass testing is ineffective, despite your own contingency plans explicitly stating so (“Pandemic Influenza Health System Preparedness Plan, 2007”, p. 26).

You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine, despite previous knowledge and observations showing that non-recovered vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than recovered people.

You refused to admit that the vaccinated are contagious despite the observations. Based on this, you hoped to achieve herd immunity by vaccination – and you failed in that as well.

You insisted on ignoring the fact that the disease is dozens of times more dangerous for risk groups and older adults than for young people who are not in risk groups, despite the knowledge that came from China as early as 2020.

You refused to adopt the “Barrington Declaration”, signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals, or other common-sense programs.

You chose to ridicule, slander, distort, and discredit them.

(Banned YouTube videos: How Israeli Ministry of Health deleted thousands of testimonies)Video Player00:0006:27

Instead of the right programs and people, you have chosen professionals who lack relevant training for pandemic management (physicists as chief government advisers, veterinarians, security officers, media personnel, and so on).

You have not set up an effective system for reporting side effects from the vaccines, and reports on side effects have even been deleted from your Facebook page.

Doctors avoid linking side effects to the vaccine, lest you persecute them as you did to some of their colleagues. You have ignored many reports of changes in menstrual intensity and menstrual cycle times.

You hid data that allows for objective and proper research (for example, you removed the data on passengers at Ben Gurion Airport). Instead, you chose to publish non-objective articles together with senior Pfizer executives on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

Irreversible damage to trust.

However, from the heights of your hubris, you have also ignored the fact that the truth will be revealed in the end. And it begins to be revealed. The truth is that you have brought the public’s trust in you to an unprecedented low, and you have eroded your status as a source of authority.

The truth is that you have burned hundreds of billions of shekels to no avail – for publishing intimidation, for ineffective tests, for destructive lockdowns, and for disrupting the routine of life in the last two years.

You have destroyed the education of our children and their future. As school principals around the country attest, you made children feel guilty, scared, smoke, drink, get addicted, drop out, and quarrel. You have harmed livelihoods, the economy, human rights, mental health, and physical health.

You slandered colleagues who did not surrender to you, you turned the people against each other, divided society, and polarized the discourse. You branded, without any scientific basis, people who chose not to get vaccinated as enemies of the public and as spreaders of disease.

In an unprecedented way, you promote a draconian policy of discrimination, denial of rights, and selection of people, including children, for their medical choice. A selection that lacks any epidemiological justification.

When you compare the destructive policies you are pursuing with the sane policies of some other countries – you can clearly see that the destruction you have caused has only added victims beyond the vulnerable to the virus.

The economy you ruined, the unemployed you caused, and the children whose education you destroyed – are the surplus victims as a result of your actions only.

There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets, and control.

The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and consciousness engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system.

This emergency must stop!

Professor Udi Qimron, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

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  1. Ray Davies There is no trust in our government,or governments around the world, the dollar over patriotism is all they think of, the rich get richer and the poor are left to rot.
  2. MW Read the article with great interest. A society that rejects our Sovereign God is a society that will live in fear and anxiety.God created natural herbs for the healing of the nations. For example, combinations of fresh pressed garlic and ginger in a glass of water/juice on an empty stomach.It is good to read Psalms 91, 92 and 103.
    Kind regards, M.W.
  3. Kim Newton Brave man. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time
  4. Dave Hunter When people have had enough, even low level government functionaries will leak the truth.
  5. Stephen Green They thought they could fool enough of the people enough of the time, but now realisation os dawning.
    Matt 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
  6. Vanessa Thankyou.
  7. Elsie It’s so easy to say others failed, without giving a some great alternative that wouldn’t have failed. Was waiting to learn from you what the right way would have been but only saw criticism.
    Easy to criticize!
    You clearly have no idea about the education system, but have views in that too. I have spent the whole pandemic within the education system and what you say about that shows your ignorance which sadly makes me doubt anything you say.
  8. Faye Schneider Thank you for an educational update we the people of this world have been drastically been misled by the rich to believe the action that is forced upon us is so the rich can get richer
  9. Jonnie The problem is the Masses are fooled and have taken the bait.
    What will it take and is it at all possible to unhood the hoodwinked ?
  10. Lori Shoaf This is a very timely review as we in Canada are caught in the middle of the chaos, struggling for truth and transparency in a divided society if we do not embrace the accepted narrative.
  11. Rev Roy Trepanier A true analogy, accurate and pointed, but like all the rest who are beginning to see through the lie, they attribute this evil to uninformed, greedy, self promoting and egotistical individuals acting in their own behalf. And therein is the lie. They refuse (or are unable) to see that this global manufactured crisis was organized, intentional and successful beyond the perpetrators wildest beliefs. They refuse to acknowledge (or even comprehend) that this could even be an orchestrated global takeover by a group of global elitists acting in concert to destroy the economies of the world, destroy a large portion of humanity and begin their own New World Order, their own Great Reset, all at the command of their leader and master, satan himself.
    They cannot imagine the truth regarding the Scriptural foretelling of the battle between Good and evil, God and satan, for control of mankind. They are blinded to the proofs and evidences that are right before their eyes, and they go on about their appointed task in obeyence to their ‘master’.
    This global, spiritual battle will soon be played out, as Christ comes to redeem His Bride and bring His long prophesied judgements on this sick, evil world with satan cast into hell and bound for a thousand years and with Christ the victor and ruling and reigning from King David’s throne in Jerusalem.
    Even so, Maranatha, come Lord Jesus………
  12. D S Thank you for writing this. People have forgotten humanity. There is a bullying culture where a group of vaccine promoting bullies are incessantly bullying those who question the vaccine or policies. Any reports on side effects of the vaccine are dismissed. Shame on governments. Children have not been spared and their lives and futures have been put on stake. I am myself a medical professional. 8 days after the Pfizer vaccine I developed hypertension, chest pain and tachycardia. The GP administering the vaccine dismissed my complaints, bullied me and mocked me. VicSIS the government body fell short of its role and dismissed my concerns.
  13. Michael L Answer to Elsie: He did give a great alternative to two years of failed policies- The Great Barrington Declaration.
  14. Netanyahu Trump The author writes “…you have chosen professionals who lack relevant training for pandemic management (physicists as chief government advisers, veterinarians, security officers, media personnel, and so on).”This well describes the author who, though a microbiologist, feels free to pontificate on education, political decision making, public health policy, and the media. Such hypocrisy destroys his credibility.
  15. Timothy C. Frey In my large university hospital, Currently 202 total Covid admissions, 12 of those are vaccinated. 22 in the ICU, none vaccinated. Just trying to understand the failure spoken of. Thanks
  16. Ron goddard A normal functioning brain and a non divisive spirit is all that we need to reclaim
    our freedom. I mean governments both political and public service are what they are supposed to be;serving the people,
    We are all one because one is all.
  17. Blake gardner Yes the doctor gave a clear plan on how to resolve the so called pandemic . Read it again. Historically we’ve leaned how you cannot stop a virus. And in this present set of viruses and the usual variants, it’s well known they “Peter” out without any other thing to do than allow herd immunity to happen. Don’t be hysterical and ignore this doctors clear plan of action. Stop the shutdowns and maskings.
  18. Kreg S Elsie is a CLASSIC, clueless liberal who doesn’t see the trees through the forrest. Her expectation that a alternative solution should have been presented reeks of “I don’t completely understand this” and “That’s not what the master said”. Just look at this at face value. Qimron’s credentials are through the roof and you just witnessed almost two years of utter chaos and lies and in my opinion…murder.
    Fauci will be the Lee Harvey Oswald of COVID. The US education system by the way hasn’t been revered in decades. Teachers aren’t the ones who decide the quality, society decides.


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