It has now officially been two weeks since the Freedom Convoy protest in Canada reached the capital city of Ottawa. And amid all of the challenges that they are facing—from the media, from the police, from the courts, from politicians, from Big Tech, and so on—it appears that their protest is actually working.

As of Friday, five of Canada’s provinces have announced that they will begin to roll back their COVID-19 restrictions.

And then furthermore, in a leaked private phone call, Doug Ford—who is the premier of Ontario, Canada’s largest province—said that he is about to scrap the vaccine passport and go back to normal.

Meanwhile, as the Winter Olympics are currently being played out in China—behind the scenes it’s still a communist dictatorship that is jailing dissidents left and right. And so, we got a chance to speak with Simon Zhang—who is an architect here in America—but whose mother was arrested in China just three days before the start of the Olympics games, simply because of her spiritual beliefs.

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