Ukraine: Putin recognises independence of pro-Russian territories

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday recognising the independence of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region,

The New York Times reports. During a speech, Putin also demanded the end of Ukraine’s military operations in the separatist areas, per AFP.

The announcement came on Monday after Putin held a meeting of Russian national security officials. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, Tweeted that the move “is a blatant violation of international law.”

What you need to know: -Russia has surrounded Ukraine with around 150,000 troops, according to Ukrainian and US intelligence officials. – The Kremlin said in a statement that the leaders of France and Germany have already “expressed their disappointment,” but were still pushing diplomacy, per The New York Times. – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for Putin to meet him and seek resolution to the crisis, The Associated Press reports.


The Ukraine Army is making what is described as “massive bombardment” of areas in Luhansk and Donetsk, including far south near Mariupol. 

Reports from inside Ukraine are saying “Massive bombardment by Ukraine, internet keeps cutting out, talked to some of the people who are stationed near Mariupol front, they say that Ukraine has made a breakthrough in the frontline.”

For what it’s worth, Astrologists are taking a strange role in all this Ukraine/Russia/NATO activity and they posted interesting astrological and historical facts:

On 2/22/22 will be a once-in-a 248 year event. Pluto is going to conjunct (return to) the United States. The Last time this happened was on July 4th 1776, the exact founding day of America. Astrologically, Pluto brings Destruction and Rebirth.

Rome fell when Pluto Returned.

Getting back to reality and facts, last night (Sunday night) Russian Backed Media were claiming that very heavy Shelling using Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) was taking place in the town of Shevchenkovo near the city of Mariupol, being perpetrated by Ukrainian Military Forces.

Also last night, the Russian embassy in Washington DC sent out mass emails just before 11pm with an attachment which back up claims that there are mass graves of civilians in Luhansk; people murdered by the Ukrainian government!

Meanwhile in neighboring Belarus, a stunning development:   

Trucks carrying the brand new S-550 satellite-killer missiles, were seen traversing the public roads, less than 70 miles from the Poland Border.   These new Russian missiles can hit and destroy US/NATO GPS and communication satellites in space; rendering the entire war-fighting capability of NATO, almost useless.

US/NATO troops rely heavily on satellite communications to coordinate attack and defense operations.  They also rely heavily on Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) for travel and precise targeting of missile strikes.   US/NATO missiles rely almost completely on GPS satellites to hit their targets.   ALL OF THAT would be rendered useless if Russia fires its S-550 satellite killer missiles!  The entire war-fighting capability of NATO would grind almost to a complete halt.  Here is video from Belarus TV showing the S-550’s on the move in Belarus last night:


If things “go hot” between Russia and NATO, those satellites would likely be taken out very early, leaving the entire NATO war machine stuck.  Once the satellites were hit, there would be almost no way for the US to defend Europe, and all of Europe could fall to the Russian Army. 

Remember, it’s only about 450 miles from the Russian border to Vienna Austria; about the same distance as New York City to Rochester, New York and Niagara Falls. 

With NATO Command, Control, and Communications crushed by S-550 missiles, and Europe having spent almost nothing on its own defenses for decades because they sat back and relied upon the United States, the world order could change almost overnight.

Europeans and Americans would then likely move against their own governments for failing them so miserably.  Since those governments would be virtually crippled without Command, Control, or Communications, moving against those politicians would likely be fast work to purge the political filth fast, and forever.

It is now appearing to many observers that things are, in fact, headed toward “going hot” between Russia and NATO.   While the government nitwits in the US State Department and Pentagon continue their tunnel vision about Russia “invading Ukraine” they don’t seem to grasp – AT ALL – that the problem for Russia is not Ukraine.  The problem for Russia is NATO encroachment upon Russian Borders.  The map below shows the reality:

NATO is literally attempting to surround Russia with military bases, troops, armor, and worst of all, missiles.   The Russians have watched this situation develop for years, since the then-Soviet Union imploded in 1991.

Back in 1997, when East Germany and West Germany were re-unified, the West assured Russia that NATO “would not move one inch eastward.”   That turned out to be a vulgar lie.   LOOK at the map above.

And there is now factual, empirical proof that the US, UK, France and Germany did promise Russia that NATO would not move east.  The story containing those documents and proof is HERE

So the Russians see they were LIED TO by the US, UK, France, and Germany.   The Russians know they have been deceived, and now, with NATO trying to bring Ukraine into the fold, Russia faces an Existential crisis.

If Ukraine is allowed to join NATO, then NATO will be able to place US Missile defenses upon Ukraine soil.

Those missiles would have about a five minute flight time to Moscow, and about a 7-10 minute flight time to Russia’s strategic nuclear missile silos.

The trouble with these new US Missile Defenses is that the warheads can be swapped-out within about an hour.  The CONVENTIONAL warheads can be swapped to NUCLEAR warheads, and the swap can be done while the missiles are in their launchers, so no one would actually know the missiles were converted from Defensive to Offensive.

Russia simply cannot defend itself from missiles that have a flight time of only five minutes from launch to impact.  

For the past several YEARS, Russia has been saying this publicly.  They have been openly saying they cannot (and will not) tolerate American missiles on Ukraine territory with a five minute flight time to Moscow.   No one in the West listened.

So last December, Russia put forth a request for written, legally enforceable, security guarantees.   They asked for certain things to be agreed to in a legally enforceable format, to assure Russia’s security.

Russia’s requests were laughed at and denied.

Well, it now appears that Russia is going to have the last laugh.  Because, as the video below shows, their loins are girded and they’re out for real.  Here, look:

Notice anything?  Let me help you . . .

1. EVERY TANK has both fuel drums slots on and the plumbing for it to feed into the main tanks is actually in place as well as the release actuator stuff.

2. ALL of the 12.7×108 guns are uncovered and ready to go.

3. The only vehicle we see with a cannon cover still on is one of the AFV:’s which absolutely can shoot through it’s cover and hit targets.

4. Packs and etc, you’d see in an actual combat movement are on the vehicles.

5. Everything looks fully manned and people are head out in bitch ass cold, shitty, weather.

This is literally the first video of Russian troop movements I’ve seen where the formation appears to not only be fully kitted for an expeditionary push but is also in combat road March order.

Make of this what you will but this one seems a hell of a lot more real than other videos and tells me that Russia is going to war.

Now, of course, the young, inexperienced, “woke” staffers in the Pentagon may not have picked-up on this because they’re too busy adjusting the high-heels.

And our high ranking Generals, who seem to have gained their rank by getting medals that may actually only be “participation trophies,” who are busy being politically-correct ass kissers, may not have noticed this either, because they’re too busy “embracing diversity” which, sadly, is actually nothing more than making excuses for poor performance.

Guys like me, however, who do not engage in such mental gymnastics, are not distracted by “woke” and “Diversity.”   We see the reality.  And to me, it appears the reality is simply:  NATO is about to get its collective ass kicked.  Us too.

All this because the “woke” and “diversity” crows was too busy making excuses for poor performance, and didn’t practice the exacting discipline of war fighting. Pathetic.


The hypocrisy of the US, EU and NATO has no limits!

Let’s put this in easy terms, so everyone can understand.

A bunch of people with guns move to your neighbor’s house and they setup, and point, ALL guns towards your house.

You then get out your own arsenal in response, which is about 10 times bigger, and point it at your neighbor’s house.

Now the guys who supplied your neighbor with the guns start complaining and keep saying that you will occupy his house at any given moment, so they call on the whole neighborhood to sanction YOU, because you are a “nazi”, “right wing”, “conspiracy theorist”, “Trump supporter” and so on.

Kind of sums up the Ukraine – NATO – Russia thing.

Note for the the total morons. In this comparison:
– You = Russia
– You neighbor = Ukraine
– Bunch of people with guns = NATO/US

If I were in charge, I would immediately begin to closely, and earnestly, reconsider Russia’s proposed Security Guarantees, and do so in an expedited manner.   Russia has LEGITIMATE concerns and LEGITIMATE gripes about being lied to and deceived.   Only honest actions, undertaken with earnest speed, can prevent the giant ass-kicking (with all its bloody gore) that is clearly on its way.

None of this had to be.   It still doesn’t have to be.  But time is rapidly running out for a peaceful solution.   This week, we could see force used on a scale that will change this world, forever.


Kremlin Spokesperson, Dmtry Peskov says Putin convened an unscheduled meeting of the Russian Security Council today


Ukrainian forces using heavy artillery, mortars, grenade launchers and tanks; people are dying, DPR head says


CONFIRMED!  BREAKING: FSB RUSSIA: “At 9.50 am, a projectile fired from Ukraine completely destroyed the Russian border checkpoint in the Rostov region, no one was injured.”

This is the 3rd hit on Russian territory by Ukraine.

8:40 AM EST — Donetsk hospital and electrical substation under Ukrainian shelling – army statement.  Ukraine on a roll today. First, they shell 2 schools, then they kill a civilian and now they’re shelling the hospital.

 8:42 AM EST — A state-level emergency has been declared in Donetsk in connection with the shutdown of the pumping station at South Donbass water pipeline and cessation of centralized drinking water supply. Over 21,000 people and 50 social facilities without drinking water

8:50 AM EST — 

Things are moving very fast now.

▪️ DPR chief says war in Donbass now in “active phase”
▪️ DPR formally requests military intervention by Russia
▪️ Russian Security Council meeting continuing, may be about to end
▪️ Duma to vote on Donbass independence in 24hrs

9:00 AM EST —

Russian Southern Military district has claimed that 2 Ukrainian military vehicles with saboteurs attempted to enter Rostov region “for evacuation.”  They were allegedly being pursued by Donetsk Militia forces who say they were caught trying to blow-up facilities in Donetsk.  Military units of Russia’s Southern Military District and Russian FSB killed 5 saboteurs from the group and destroyed the two armored vehicles they were fleeing in when they crossed into Russia.

Unconfirmed reports of Kiev holding consultations with the US and Britain, which may be followed by Ukraine imposing martial law.

9:03 AM EST — In perhaps the clearest sign of the true outcome of Macron-Putin talks over the weekend, Air France suspends flights to Ukraine from tomorrow

Official statement issued on Destruction of Ukraine Army Vehicles inside Russia:  “On February 21 this year, at about 09:00, a border detachment of the Border Directorate of the FSB of Russia for the Rostov Region, together with units covering the border of the Southern Military District, discovered an unknown group on two infantry fighting vehicles that violated the border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation,” the FSB said. . “The group was stopped and destroyed in the course of armed resistance,” the security service stressed.

Here It Comes . . .

Putin during a meeting with the Russian Security Council indicates that Russia has done everything to resolve the conflict in Donbass peacefully.  


“It’s clear to everyone, Ukrainian authorities are really not going to do anything according to the Minsk package of measures” – Putin

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba:  No, Ukraine did NOT: Attack Donetsk or Luhansk; Send saboteurs or APCs over the Russian border; Shell Russian territory; Shell Russian border crossing; Conduct acts of sabotage; Ukraine also does NOT plan any such actions. Russia, stop your fake-producing factory now



The Kyiv authorities are not going to implement the Minsk agreements, they have publicly stated this many times – Putin

Putin Summation:

– The 2014 coup in Ukraine was unconstitutional and bloody, some of the inhabitants did not accept it;

– Russia initially did everything to peacefully resolve the contradictions in the Donbass;

– The Kiev authorities are not going to implement the Minsk agreements, they have publicly stated this many times; Putin asks Kozak (Chief Negotiator for Donbass Situation) a final question: Will the Kyiv authorities comply with the Minsk agreements? Kozak replies: Under the usual course of events, never.

– Also, the Kiev authorities twice carried out punitive operations in the Donbass, now the aggravation is taking place for the third time;

– The purpose of today’s meeting is to determine steps on the Donbass, bearing in mind the appeals of the DPR and LPR with a request to recognize their independence;

— The issues of recognition of the DPR and LPR are closely related to the global problems of ensuring security in the world.

– Putin: if Ukraine is in NATO, and NATO recognizes Crimea as Ukraine, than article V could be triggered in case of military operation of Ukraine in Crimea.


Security Council to consider recognition of DNR and LNR – Putin

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VIDEO: Russian Armor now two thousand FEET from Ukraine Border in ATTACK FORMATION – Subscribers only