If my dear mother, a Holocaust survivor, was alive, she would have this to say about Ukraine: ‘Loz em brennan’ (let them burn).

To help understand her statement, you might recall one of the most terrible events in WWII, known as Babi Yar.

It’s a deep ravine in the main city, Kiev in Ukraine. In 1941 in the period of just 2 days, almost 34,000 Jews were murdered there! Think about that number.

And it was all done by men shooting at innocent civilians. A very personal way to commit mass murder.

That was nothing like carpet bombing a city from the air.  As far as we know, that extreme murder rate had never been achieved until then.

Ravine in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv

Babi Yar or Babyn Yar is a ravine in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and a site of massacres carried out by Nazi Germany’s forces during its campaign against the Soviet Union in World War II. The first and best documented of the massacres took place on 29–30 September 1941, killing approximately 33,771 Jews. The decision to kill all the Jews in Kyiv was made by the military governor Generalmajor Kurt Eberhard, the Police Commander for Army Group South, SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, and the Einsatzgruppe C Commander Otto Rasch. Sonderkommando 4a as the sub-unit of Einsatzgruppe C, along with the aid of the SD and Order Police battalions with the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police backed by the Wehrmacht, carried out the orders. Sonderkommando 4a and the 45th Battalion of the German Order Police conducted the shootings. Servicemen of the 303rd Battalion of the German Order Police at this time guarded the outer perimeter of the execution site.

Of course the Nazis organized the killing. But it was the Ukrainians who actually did the killing. 

You see, the Ukrainians had such a blood lust for killing Jews that even the Nazis had to stop them. The Germans were in love with organized killing and documenting every ‘perfect’ thing they did. So when the Ukrainians were running around trying to murder every Jew they saw, the Nazis intervened and instructed them on how to do it efficiently and more organized.

Since then the Germans have laws (serious laws) against joining any neo-Nazi party. They have also paid out millions of dollars to Holocaust survivors and their families. The Ukrainians have literally gotten away with murder. 

Today, decades after the war, Ukraine has more neo-Nazi groups than any other country in the world! (Yet another world record) And they are not forced underground in any way. The largest of these, Azov, is unofficially part of their parliament. Many fools consider them to just be nationalistic. Although some members might be, most are thugs. Their flag is similar to a swastika and they are antisemitic to the core, just like their grandfathers were.

Azov flag

Azov Flag

When Putin says he wants to de-nazify Ukraine, he’s not lying.

I have no doubt that we will soon be hearing of stories leaked out of Ukraine, blaming it’s small Jewish population for the trouble they are in now. I already have heard some.

Ukraine is not a democracy and never has been. It is as corrupt as Russia or perhaps more so. Definitely more antisemitic. Since 2014, Ukraine has become the world’s most popular money laundering state. Oligarchs run it mob style and chose the then actor Zelensky to be their presidential puppet. The WEF’s Klaus Schwab bragged about helping elect him and his equivalent Canadian puppet Trudeau. Just about every rich and famous player has been to Ukraine. And came back with even more money. From Bill Gates to Joe Biden, from George Soros to the Clintons. They all know that Ukraine is open for business. Even the CIA opened deadly bioweapon laboratories there because they couldn’t open them anywhere else!

I am sick and tired of  people (especially Jews) depicting Zelensky as a hero or worse, a Jewish hero. Zelensky is as Jewish as Bernie Sanders or George Soros.  Technically he was born Jewish but that’s where it ends. He left his Judaism by the road side years ago.  He is no real friend to Israel and tolerates the neo-Nazis in his own government quite well. He does what his masters tell him to do and say. He has probably been paid off by Soros who is loving all of us Western nations spending billions to prop up this corrupt state and leader. Do you recall their capitulation to then VP Biden to fire their prosecutor who was looking at the fraud committed by the Burisma corporation who had Hunter Biden as a board member? They wanted the billions of US dollars from the Obama administration and would do anything for the money. 

So they did. Biden bragged about it on TV!  Here’s a clip if you haven’t seen it. Quite incredible: 

Joe Biden brags about firing Ukrainian prosecutor

To be sure, I’m no fan of Putin. He’s a brutal dictator and I certainly wish that he hadn’t invaded Ukraine.

Comment: This often is the case. The cruel assyrians were used to judge Israel.

Many innocent people will die as a result, no doubt. But to see it from his view, Ukraine has a population of about 40 million people. About half are Russians! The other half come from various tribal factions like Ruthenians, etc. If you look at the history of Ukraine, it belonged to many different empires and states until recently. My father was brought up in a city called Lvov in Poland before WWII. Now it belongs to Ukraine under the name of Lviv. If my dad was alive he could tell us stories of how the people of the city would hunt Jewish boys like him down on the way back from school and beat them up. This was well before WWII. The neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine have been running roughshod on all Russian citizens and businesses there. I will include a video here where you can see it. These videos and my facts here are not typically found in the mainstream media (yet). But over time the truth does slowly leak out and you’ll hear more about what I’m saying here.

I urge you to watch this video, it will hopefully wake you up from the constant babble I hear 24/7 about how noble the Ukrainians are. Ukraine neo-Nazis.

Today on social media I see many people with a Ukrainian flag. I’ve read articles written by good writers (both Jews and Gentiles) who are piling on the backs of Ukraine and espousing how brave the people are and how wonderful Zelensky is.

Why are we giving them this kind of false idolatry and PR? 

I view this war like I did when Iran and Iraq were at war years ago. Two evil states killing each other. Mostly I feel sorry for my fellow Jews who remain in Ukraine. It’s hard to say how many they are but I can guess about 100,000 poor Jews still live there. If you want to help the cause, you should donate to organizations that help them.  I’m proud of my Jewish homeland, Israel who is already planning on sending planes to bring them to Israel. 

If we learn anything from this war it’s that we (Jews and Israel) cannot rely on anyone else to guarantee our safety.

Calling Putin names won’t help. 

Of course this entire war could have been prevented if President Trump was still the US leader.

He had the US on a course of energy independence and strength. The US, Canada and even Israel could have supplied all the oil, gas and coal that Europe needed. But thanks to the cognitive mess we call Joe Biden, he undid all that and gave a pass to the Russian pipeline to fuel Germany and the rest of Europe. Israel discovered huge reserves of oil and gas underground and under its territorial waters in the Mediterranean years ago. The plan was to build a pipeline to ship it to Crete & Greece and then on to Europe. The Trump administration sponsored the project. But the Biden administration cancelled it. Strong sanctions now will hurt Russia and all of us as well. 

Israel needs to be very careful as to how it deals with this war. It has a relatively good relationship with Russia at the moment and shouldn’t assume that it can jump on the sanction bandwagon with many other countries without risking some serious repercussions in Syria and elsewhere.

To sum up: I stand for my Jewish people in Ukraine and for all the good Christians there as well.

I pray for their well being and I have donated money for them. I wrote this article because another narrative needs to be heard. You might not want to hear it, yet here it is. I might lose some friends over this but the situation isn’t black and white. Most geopolitical events are complex. I don’t consider myself an expert. I am not. But like most things in the news, a narrative is being developed by people we should not trust but people are caught up in that 24/7 news cycle and are quick to hop on the mainstream media’s bandwagon.  I for one, will not lose too much sleep if Ukraine disappears. I’ll leave it up to Him to decide how things play out there. I do believe in karma…. 

How ever one looks at the situation, it’s certainly not worth risking a world war over, G-d forbid! Recall the events leading up to WWI. A Serb assassinated the Austro-Hungarian archduke. Because of various treaties signed by various world powers at the time (Britain, France, Germany and Russia) this small incident brought on the war! A brutal war that no one wanted. 

We are at a crossroads here too. We must be very careful what we wish for.

Urging our countries to send troops and planes over there can easily spark something no one wants (perhaps except the WEF and people like George Soros). I am not an isolationist by any means. But we do have other means at our disposal to de-escalate this. Opening our energy sectors in the US, Israel and even my own country, Canada, to serve Europe and thereby cut out Russia is probably the best and most effective way. Of course electing strong principled leaders that are not corrupt is an absolute requirement as well!