Jacob Zubra   March 10, 2022   0   2 min read

Is Pfizer is delisting from NYSE and Going private to avoid punishment from the peasants when the truth is revealed?

Pfizer requests delisting from NYSE & has lost 10% of share value of the last few days. Wonder if this is due to the fact the vaccine doesn’t work?

Pfizer will have no immunity if fraud is proven. This is going to take down the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, many politicians careers, global governments will be shaken to the core.

Not only will people sue, governments are going to sue.

What people said about Pfizer

My last Pfizer jab was on the 01 Oct 2021. I might look like strong as an ox that I used to be before the jab but,I am now physically the weakest. I get easily exhausted doing even lightest of weights.

Kostarico said Me I’m the opposite, never felt better, energy renewed..feel 20 years younger..sleep well..sex great..its like a youth booster… or maybe it’s my exercise routine not the vaccine

John Wick wrote
1/ Take these daily to remove the spike protein and graphene oxide causing the damage:
– D3 1000 IU drops. Rub 5 into chest.
– Nattokinase
– Proteolytic Enzymes
– Quercetin
– Humic & Fulvic acid
– Any green powder drink
All found on Amazon.

It’s known that the body is trying to remove the jab; this is why boosters are needed.
The supplements have studies showing they remove blood clots, modulate the immune system, strengthen the liver, and provide antioxidants. All important in removing anything foreign.

Ngcongca & Madisha wrote I only got one shot of Pfizer and his never went for the second Jan which was due on ye 11th of November 2021. A few days after my first jab I experienced swelling on my face and i ignored it, but about a week or so later I experienced swellings on my legs especially..

I went to the Doctor &he did a test on my liver and kidneys. Luckily for me the results came negative. I’m feeling well now, but scared of going for the 2nd jab.

LynMc said I’ve been sick since i got the first shot last year. Nausea, headaches, anxiety, etc. Wish I would have woke up sooner. Now it is too late, but if I can warn others. But so many have already been compromised.

Eke wrote Pfizer delisting from NYSE. Nothing to do with killing more than 25-50 people from a experiment; by the way when a vaccine kills 25-50 people science shows it’s pulled from market.
How did this vaccine differ? Perhaps politics and science don’t mix.