An undisclosed investor is selling shares in Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, a stock monitor said late Monday, stakes that amount to more than 5% in Germany’s top two lenders.

The sale is for 116 million shares of Deutsche Bank and for 72.5 million shares of Commerzbank, according to a note announcing the sale.

One investor who holds such sizeable stakes in both banks is Capital Group of Los Angeles. A spokesperson for the investor declined to comment.

Capital Group had increased its stake to more than 5% in Deutsche Bank in November 2021. It increased its stake in Commerzbank to more than 5% in October 2020.

Representatives for Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank declined to comment.

In recent months, U.S. investor Cerberus began to shed its large stakes in both banks.

Hal Turner Analysis

It appears to me, that this sale is a direct result of the Sanctions being applied against Russia.   It strikes me personally that the “investor” sees the writing on the wall as far as Russian gas supplies to Germany, and knows that when the German government sticks to its refusal to pay for Russian gas in Rubles, the gas to Germany will be cut off.  Once that takes place, many large operations will end up halting, and ultimately, it is the banks that will take the hit when loans stop being repaid.

This looks to me like a very sage investment decision by this particular investor.

Of course, I am not a licensed stock broker or licensed financial professional and I cannot give stock or investment advice.  You should consult with a licensed professional before making any stock or financial decisions.  That said, it isn’t hard to see the writing on the wall.