Steve Quayle Alerts


In whatever time zone you are in this will be a day of national repentance and personal repentance for the people of God to call upon God to pour out his spirit upon his people, as in the book of acts with the release of the miraculous and supernatural gifting and pouring out of the holy spirit for the equipping of the saints in order to be able to stand and take back the ground,that we who are the redeemed of the Lord have yielded to the devil.

The promise of God’s word being when the enemy comes in like a flood -the spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against it!—

What to pray–

1.) – Come against the plan to shut down the country and issue fuel, and food rationing cards!

2.) – To go house to house to seize all conservatives and gun owners ,and  Christians under the guise of being terrorists

3) – Pray against the executive orders which are already being written according to background intel sources–”for the safety of our good citizens who must endure while we go house to house searching for all the hidden terrorists”

that would be the complete and approved words for the beginning of the latest biden evil plan, which is otherwise known as “the abstract for the 2022 martial law executive order which will begin to roll out with the national ID card and begins food and fuel rationing june 15th”….

Unless god intervenes and that is what we are calling upon him to do:

Heavenly Father we ask in Jesus name that you foil and bring to naught all the plans for the destruction of your people in JESUS name — Lord God of Heaven just as Haman sought the destruction of all your people in the Old Testament and Queen Esther went before the king with Hamans plot-—so we come before you in prayer & fasting and supplication to make war against the luciferian plans to destroy your people in jesus name !lord god of heaven pour out youre spirit upon your people we pray and destroy the plans of the evil ones,for the destruction of your people,and all the american citizens who they seek to murder,as they have already made known boasting prior to and after the election-let god arise and our enemies be scattered in name above all names king jesus!

Editor’s Note: I read about Esther this morning. So for anyone skeptical about this post and urgent prayer alert, this is an important call to the people of the USA