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Image: Biden finally addresses baby formula shortage, but it’s already too late: out-of-stock rates have soared to 74%

(Natural News) Fake president Joe Biden claims that the reason he has done nothing about the baby formula crisis all this time is because he had no idea how bad it was until very recently.

Despite the February shuttering by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan, which makes a bulk of America’s baby formula, apparently, Biden was very late to the game in figuring out that something needed to be done.

“I don’t think anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility, the Abbott facility,” Biden told reporters the other day when pressed about why the crisis is still going on with no end in sight.

Baby formula manufacturers anticipated exactly this very situation a full three months ago, it turns out, and many of them tried to get the regime to listen. Nothing happened, though, except for Biden sending what little supply remained down to the southern border for illegal aliens to use.

Robert Cleveland, senior vice president for the North American operations of the Reckitt Co., was one of the first to speak out months ago about the crisis. He told Biden that “we knew from the very beginning this would be a very serious event.”

Murray Kessler, CEO of Perrigo Company, expressed similar sentiments about how his company could foresee months ago “that this was going to create a tremendous shortage.”

The Biden regime is a total disaster, by design

Perhaps the Resident-in-Chief’s progressive dementia is causing him to lose his mind over important matters such as this? Maybe he simply forgot ever since February that something is wrong here that requires intervention?

The only other alternative is that Biden is simply lying, and his puppet masters knew all along that the situation would get this bad and never intended to do anything about it. After all, they were all too eager to deprive Americans of baby formula while sending it all to the “migrants.”

When pressed repeatedly by reporters about the matter, Biden claimed that he only figured out what was going on last month. As to why every major baby formula manufacturer knows what was going on months ago while Biden was completely unaware, the Resident-in-Chief responded that “they [knew] but I didn’t.”

This answer was unacceptable, even to the left-wing press, which is still trying to figure out how Biden could have dropped the ball this badly, assuming he is telling the truth (which is highly unlikely).

“There is nothing more stressful than the feeling like you can’t get what your child needs,” Biden said, pretending to relate to average Americans. “As a father and grandfather, I understand how difficult this shortage has been.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been asked again and again by the press corps what the president knew about the baby formula shortage and when. Her answers are no more reassuring than Biden’s.

“We’ve been working on this for months,” she said. “We’ve been taking this incredibly seriously.”

The day after the Abbott plant went dark, Jean-Pierre claims, the U.S. Department of Agriculture eliminated certain regulations to allow states more flexibility to purchase formula. She also claims that scientists at the FDA “have been working around the clock” to get the plant back up and running.

As to when the White House first got a call about the possible need for presidential involvement in the situation, Jean-Pierre answered that she and her people “don’t have the timeline on that.”

“All I can tell you,” she added, “as a whole-of-government approach, we have been working on this since the recall in February.”

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After sending America’s baby formula supply to the southern border and creating a shortage, Biden invokes communist takeover of food supply

After sending America’s baby formula supply to the southern border and creating a shortage, Biden invokes communist takeover of food supply

Thursday, May 19, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
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Image: After sending America’s baby formula supply to the southern border and creating a shortage, Biden invokes communist takeover of food supply

(Natural News) In response to the baby formula shortage that his regime created, Joe Biden has now invoked the Defense Production Act to nationalize America’s food supply and squarely place it under the control of his handlers.

Suppliers will now be required to direct their ingredients to “key manufacturers,” which will be tasked with boosting domestic production of baby formula (or so we are told).

“The Defense Production Act gives the president broad authority to require companies to prioritize the manufacture and allocation of goods in response to a crisis,” reports CNBC. “The law was passed in 1950 during the Korean War.”

Biden has also ordered both the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to use aircraft from the Department of Defense (DoD) to airdrop formula from overseas into the United States.

As we reported, grocery store and drug store shelves have been running dry amid an ongoing baby formula shortage that was engineered by the powers that be.

On top of an Abbott Nutrition plant shutdown in Michigan, the Biden regime has been sending all of America’s baby formula stocks to the southern border so they can be handed out to illegal alien “migrants.”

Many Americans have consequently been prevented from purchasing baby formula for their own families, which the Biden regime is now addressing by invoking a communist takeover of the country’s food supply.

Congress calls for FDA to be given more money amid baby formula crisis

The situation with Abbott is moving through the courts with an agreement recently forged between the company and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reopen the plant under certain federal conditions.

According to reports, those conditions include Abbott hiring independent “experts” to ensure the plant meets all of the FDA’s demands, which the media is calling “food safety standards.”

If given approval, Abbott would be able to reopen the plant within two weeks, followed by an additional eight-week delay for products to arrive at stores across the country.

“The U.S. produces 98% of the baby formula American parents buy. Four manufacturers – Abbott, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Nestle USA and Perrigo – dominate the market,” CNBC reports.

“When one plant goes offline, the supply chain is easily disrupted.”

Foreign baby formula is beginning to appear as the FDA is allowing non-American companies to file applications for acceptance into the country. The FDA gets to decide which ones are “safe” and, boom, those are the ones appearing on store shelves.

Some members of Congress are upset about this new little scheme, claiming that the FDA does not have enough inspectors to ensure imported formula is safe. In other words, the FDA “needs” more money.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Ct.), chair of the House Appropriations Committee, just introduced new legislation that would furnish the FDA with an additional $28 million in “emergency funding” to beef up inspections of foreign baby formula.

DeLauro insists that this large cash infusion is needed to “monitor the supply chain and root out fraud,” according to CNBC‘s assessment of her intent.

“Most formulas on the market I wouldn’t even touch with a 10-foot pole,” wrote a reader at Natural News about how baby formula should be a nursing mother’s last option when there are no others.

“They are actually toxic to infants and do not promote health.”

“Are we so ignorant in this day and age that we have forgotten about goat’s milk?” asked another, noting that goat’s milk is naturally homogenized and much easier for babies to digest than cow’s milk.

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Biden Sends Baby Formula to Illegals at Border While Grocery Stores Run Dry

May 15 2022 / By Ethan Huff / Comments

Biden sends baby formula to illegals at border while grocery stores run dry

The Biden regime is reportedly taking what little supply remains of baby formula in the United States and sending it to the southern border for illegal aliens to use.

Rep. Kat Cammack, a Republican from Florida, says this “total dumpster fire” of an administration is directly responsible for the baby formula shortage that has left grocery store shelves all across the country empty.

“Back in November, their own FDA shut the number one manufacturer of baby formula down on a tip with no plan to backfill the 43% that this manufacturer is a part of the market share,” Cammack told Sean Hannity during a recent appearance on Fox News.

“So, again, typical Biden administration – no plan, no contingencies, no way to backfill 43% of our nation’s supply of baby formula. Yet just today, I’m getting word from Border Patrol agents that there is a tractor trailer full of pallets of baby formula sitting in that storeroom.”

Describing the Biden regime’s new policy as another example of its “America Last” agenda, Cammack went on to explain that, sure, there are mothers in need at the border, but there are also Americans in need – and Biden’s job is to govern Americans, not the rest of the world.

“Biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border,” she added.

“Meanwhile, store shelves across America are empty and moms are being told they don’t know when more is coming in. Welcome to Biden’s America where American moms and dads are last. What is infuriating to me is that this is another example of an America last agenda.”

Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre laughs when asked about baby formula crisis caused by Biden

Reporters caught up with Joe Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre as her gaggle was boarding Air Force One on the way to Chicago on May 11 to ask about the situation, to which she laughed at them.

When pressed about who in the regime is “running point” on the baby formula shortage, this is how Jean-Pierre responded (listen below):

“I mean, I, I, at the White House, I don’t, I don’t know (this statement was followed by an audible laugh)? I can find out for you and get you a person who’s running point, um, but I don’t that person’s name.”

This is apparently all a joke to Biden and his people, who clearly could not care less about the plight of Americans and specifically American mothers who rely on baby formula to feed their children.

The regime is, however, making sure that illegals at the border receive as much baby formula as they need during this time of crisis.

“Texas should seize those shipments of fed baby food and use if to help our own citizens’ babies,” wrote someone in the comments. “These damn illegals have no right to come before needy U.S. citizens!”

“Destroy the middle class and continue to enslave us into total government subsistence,” wrote another about what is currently and continually unfolding in this former “land of the free.”

“This is a classic subversion campaign that our CIA has rolled out onto countless countries. The name of the game is subvert our republic into a dependent welfare state where the nanny state government provides for your existence. Expect this to continue through the rest of 2022 and beyond.”

Others questioned how it can be that only one company, Abbott Nutrition, seems to make baby formula in this country. Are there not any others that can help fill the gap?

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