BREAKING NEWS: In six (6) days, Germany will be completely cut-off from Russian natural gas.   

The Nordstream One pipeline will cease all natural gas flows into Germany in Six days.

By Presidential Decree signed by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, Russia will no longer sell any “vital commodities” to “unfriendly nations.”

Without natural gas from Russia, the German economy will . . .  stop.

When Germany’s economy stops, the economies of other European countries, which also got their natural gas via the Nordstream One pipeline, will also . . .  stop.

About two weeks after the European economy stops, the U.S. economy will be forced to shut down for lack of goods and services.

The West has reached “The End” thanks to its own Sanctions against Russia.

The only thing left for the West to do either lift all Sanctions from Russia and HOPE they respond favorably; or go to war against Russia.

The economies of western nations cannot now be saved from collapse without cheap Russian energy.

Lift the Sanctions or declare war.  There are no other options.  

Oh, and by the way . . . how would the west wage war without cheap energy to power it?


The Sanctions imposed by the West against Russia have now backfired massively.  They have destroyed the economy of the West.

Russia has won!!

The west has lost.

The facts are not in dispute.