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With hostile nations becoming more emboldened against America, especially after recent shows of “weakness” from Joe Biden, from the chaotic and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal to the weakening U.S. economy with many other blunders in between, we are living in what is inarguably one of the most dangerous moments of time.

America is vulnerable to nuclear nations, Russia and China just being two of the largest out there looking to capitalize on any and all of America’s perceived weaknesses.

So, with that background in mind, it was shocking to many New York citizens to see the New York City Emergency Management out out a “if a nuclear attack occurs” public service announcement which begins with “So there’s been a nuclear attack,” before stating “The big one has hit.”  

The public service announcement then proceeds to offer “advice” on what should be done, which basically consists get inside, stay inside and wait for the media to tell you what to do.

Then again, depending on where a nuclear device hit, there may be no television or radio available for a while, so best to assume you are on your own, your survival dependent on your prior planning.

“I’m a big believer in better safe than sorry,” Adams said. “I take my hat off to (the Office of Emergency Management). OEM took a very proactive step and said, ‘Let’s be prepared.’”

Adams mentioned the war in Ukraine, an apparent reference to the fact that Russia has refused to rule out a nuclear strike under certain conditions. (Source)

The “advice” falls far short of what needs to be done before and after a nuclear attack. In fact, the “advice” in the video above is just as useless alone as the 1950’s “Duck and Cover” U.S. adverts, a short version shown below:

What to do during an attack is one thing, but what needs to be done afterwards isn’t addressed in either of the “public service announcements.” One would think that in 70 years, the “advice” would have evolved a little, but I digress……….

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To be blunt, if the attack is close enough to you it is a matter of “put your head between your knees and kiss your a** goodbye,” but if not a direct hit area, then there are actions to be taken before, during and after a nuclear attack that will increase your odds for survival.


We researched this and found it is best to have potassium iodine tablets or liquid on hand in case of a nuclear event or radiation poisoning. 

Iodine pills are best taken before radiation exposure

To maximize the thyroid protective function of iodine pills, they have to be taken before the thyroid has absorbed enough radioactive iodine to cause damage to the body.

It is important that people who live in areas close to nuclear installations and people at a high risk of exposure to radiation keep iodine pills in their private dispensaries because its effectiveness depends on how much time elapses between initial expose to radioactive iodine and the ingestion of the pills.

Iodine pills are most effective when taken before exposure. (Source)

Each resource found also offered a warning against “minor side effects such as gastrointestinal upset and minor rashes have been noted, but are extremely rare,” cited from the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada.

Not being a doctor or an expert regarding radiation and iodine tablets or liquids we will not recommend dosages or timelines on when they should be taken, but will recommend following the mandatory listing of directions on the bottles or packages purchased to keep on hand.

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There are a variety of different brands and dosages, so here is the search page.

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In Russia people are provided with locations of nuclear fallout shelters, underground bunkers the government created decades ago for their populace in the event of a nuclear war.

Unfortunately for Americans, the underground bunkers built by our own government are not for the people of the nation, but rather the “leaders’ and military leadership. Many of the so-called ‘elite” and ultra wealthy also have bought their own underground bunkers, whether for a nuclear attack or any other major catastrophe that may require sheltering in place.

Americans that do not fit into either of those categories are left to their own devices and survival depends on our own readiness.

Unless you have the outside space, materials and time to build an underground bunker, which not many of us do, then having certain materials inside the home that can be quickly set up, can be the difference between life, death, or radiation poisoning to the point where one would wish for death.

The link above is to learn how to build underground bunkers for those with the time and space to do so, and below we will go over methods to turn a room, a basement or your home into an appropriate shelter to survive to the best of your ability.

The second best place would be a basement, but any room of a home, can be quickly organized into a “fall out shelter,” or even your entire home turned into one nuclear fallout bunker.

The actual supplies such as food and water, are basically the same where stocking an underground bunker, a basement, or turning a room or home in to a shelter, and most ANP readers already have supplies to hunker down with, so we’ll be focusing on just items needed to create the shelter itself.


The Disaster-Ready Home: A Step-by-Step Emergency Preparedness Manual for Sheltering in Place  

Your Home Fallout Shelter: How To Ensure Your Family?s Health & Survival In A Nuclear Incident (Dr. “B”s Radiation Series)

U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Survival Manual

Shelter Making Supplies:

There are a couple of differences depending on whether you are turning one room into your shelter or your entire home, such as buckets for personal sanitation, or better yet a portable toilet.

All in all you’ll want to keep the outside air from inundating your home, so blocking and taping your windows, and under the doors, is one step.

Farm Plastic Supply – Black Plastic Sheeting – 10 mil – (10′ x 100′) – Black Plastic Tarp, Polyethylene Vapor Barrier Plastic Sheeting, Black Painters Tarp, Roll of Heavy Duty Plastic

Farm Plastic Supply – White Plastic Sheeting – 10 mil – (10′ x 100′) – Thick Plastic Sheeting, Heavy Duty Polyethylene Film, Drop Cloth Vapor Barrier Covering for Crawl Space

Remember duct tape, then more duct tape and hey, grab some extra because that is an item that can be used in almost any type of situation. 

Can you tell I like duct tape

Radiation Detectors , Suits & Masks:

Knowing when you can leave your shelter is pretty important, and if the fallout is prolonged, being able to move about without worry of radiation is also critical, so Geiger counters, aluminum suits and masks are extremely important if you need to leave the home for any reason, even if just to check the radiation numbers.

Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector, Rechargeable Portable Digital High Sensitivity Tester for X, β and γ Rays, Iodine-131 and Iodine-125 Dosage Alarm

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MXBAOHENG Heat Resistant Suit Anti Thermal Radiation Suit 1000-1200 degree Fireproof flameproof Coveralls Composite Aluminum Foil Firefighter Uniform

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UOPASD Organic Vapor Respirator full face gas mask with Activated Carbon Air Filter

Other helpful hints include the following:

“Sandbags, bricks, containers filled with water, or any heavy materials that you can find can be used to protect against a nuclear blast,” Richardson notes. Just place these items against your walls—particularly the windows where radiation can still sneak through, or on the floors above wherever you are. Mattresses can be leaned up against windows, as well as stacked books, furniture, bags of clothes, and anything else with some heft.

Since clothes, furniture, books and such are something most already have, sandbags would be the one thing not everyone keeps on hand. Those living in states where hurricanes are a yearly concern, usually have a nice supply on hand, but others, not so much.

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Another household item that is mentioned in multiple different resources while researching this article, is tin foil aka aluminum foil. If thick enough, it blocks radiation, so keeping extra on hand, seems a pretty smart thing to do. If it isn’t needed for shelter making, it will always get used for kitchen work.

Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 130 Square Feet

Amazon Brand – Solimo Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 125 Sq Ft (Pack of 2)

Reynolds Wrap Foodservice Aluminum Foil, 1000 Square Feet

Another thing to remember is a hand crank radio, in case of no electricity, it is handy to have to try to get information on what happened, where, and how bad the situation is outside of your shelter area.

Hand Crank Radio Solar with LED Flashlight for Emergency, Portable NOAA Weather Radio


While there are a number of other suggestions we found, such as canned foods versus freeze dried (so it can be eaten with no heating water, or cooking anything) while sheltering in place, with the freeze dried foods being used for survival later when you can leave your shelter area, and other things for comfort rather than survival, these are the ones that the majority of resources I found all mentioned.

While New York City officials claim there is no imminent or immediate nuclear threat, yet no clear explanation of why they found “now” the time to air their nuclear war preparedness public service announcement, it is a reminder that we live in volatile world where hostile nations see the U.S. to be at the weakest ever, so it behooves us to be prepared for the possibility, which increases every day, of a nuclear event hitting America soil.

A blast from the past… the original 9 minute-plus Duck and Cover” short film from the 1950s.

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