by Adan Salazar July 18th 2022, 2:20 pm infowars

Cooling centers open as grid operators cut power for many energy consumers.

Mandatory energy controls, forced outages and cooling centers are just more wonderful facets of the globalists’ Great Reset agenda.

Local governments across the US are instructing citizens to head to air-conditioned “cooling centers” as the nation reels from unprecedented heat waves.

The soaring temperatures have prompted state and local emergency management agencies to designate facilities where residents and homeless people can take shelter from extreme heat, with “climate change” ostensibly being blamed for the sweltering weather.

The cooling centers are opening, however, as grid operators are cutting power for many consumers.

Several regions in Texas, including San Antonio, San Marcos, Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston and Dallas counties, have opened “cooling centers” this summer, while the state’s power grid operator ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) imposes unannounced rolling blackouts – purportedly in efforts to prop up the strained power grid.

Texans are acutely aware of ERCOT’s control over the grid, as the corporation abruptly imposed rolling blackouts across the state during 2021’s catastrophic polar vortex that brought freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and freezing rain throughout the Lone Star State leaving many without power, or energy to heat their homes.

Watch as the power apparently went out last week on Houston ABC 13 meteorologist Travis Herzog in the middle of a weather report. (Miraculously, only his studio lights went out, while his massive display screen, microphone, and cameras seemed unaffected):

Meanwhile, state and local emergency management agencies in other parts of the country unaccustomed to the extreme weather are also opening cooling centers.

Several areas throughout California have opened cooling centers, including in Oakland, Sacramento, Kern and Siskiyou Counties.

In Colorado, the Denver suburb of Aurora, where temperatures are reaching 100 degrees, has opened a cooling center; they’ve also popped up throughout Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia and Washington State.

Officials in King County, Washington, where last year’s heat wave caused over 30 deaths, blamed the “climate crisis” for the extreme heat and told residents the development of “heat mitigation strategies” were necessary to be “better prepared for more prolonged, hazardous heat waves that climate scientists predict unless there is a dramatic increase in greenhouse gas emissions.”

In other words, energy consumers are beholden to the whims of local governments and are being held hostage due to the invisible threat of climate change, while governments at the same time claim to be using tax dollars to mitigate the issue.

Mandatory energy controls, forced outages and cooling centers are just more wonderful facets of the globalists’ Great Reset agenda.

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