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Mon Dec 12, 2022 – 4:16 pm EST


‘You guys are acting like criminals.’

AUCKLAND (LifeSiteNews) — Last week the High Court of New Zealand took guardianship of a four-month-old baby after his parents remained firm in demanding that only blood not tainted by the COVID-19 “vaccine” be used during surgery to repair the boy’s heart defect.

A video showing when the child was taken by police from the parents has since gone viral.

In the emotional video, the mother can be heard weeping and pleading as the authorities take her child away.

“You guys are acting like criminals,” the father shouted, also objecting to the actions of police.

One masked health official tried to tell the weeping mother that the hospital “need[ed] to take him.”

LifeSiteNews reported that the parents of baby Will were happy for the child to receive any treatment or surgery the doctors thought necessary, under the condition that any blood received by the baby be untainted by the mRNA injections.

Heart problems have arisen in droves following the rollout of the COVID vaccinations, especially in young people due to the effects of the spike protein in COVID jab formulations.

Numerous unvaccinated Kiwis volunteered to donate their blood for the infant, but authorities denied the request and insisted the blood come from a sanctioned blood bank.

While the child was being taken away, the parents were told he would be returned after he recovered from surgery.