by Jamie White

January 30th 2023, 1:25 pm

MIT professor Retsef Levi says “mounting and indisputable evidence” shows experimental COVID mRNA vaccines causing “an unprecedented level of harm.”

COVID-19 Cases in Israel Rise Despite Third Shot for Those Over 60

MIT professor and drug safety expert Retsef Levi called for the immediate suspension of the experimental COVID vaccines, claiming they not only fail to prevent COVID, but are also causing “unprecedented harm” in young people.

“I’m filming this video to share my strong conviction that at this point in time, all COVID vaccination programs should stop immediately,” Levi said in a video statement on Monday.

“They should stop because they completely failed to fulfill any of their advertised promise regarding efficacy. And more importantly they should stop because of the mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause an unprecedented level of harm, including the deaths of young people and children.”

Levi explained that he became “concerned” about the COVID vaccine’s safety profile in mid 2021 when cases of myocarditis began to explode.

“Since myocarditis is known to be hard to diagnosis, because it often has vague symptoms and can even be sub-clinical with no symptoms,” he said. “It’s also known to be a frequent cause of out-of-the-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, especially among young people. I was very concerned that it would not be detected by the existing vaccine safety surveillance systems.”

Levi explained that upon examining data from Israel’s National Emergency Medical Services (EMS), he found a 25% spike in emergency medical services for heart problems in young adults ages 16-39 in 2021 compared to 2019.

“Moreover, we also detected a statistically significant temporal correlation between the number of the Pfizer vaccine doses administered to this population and the number of EMS calls with cardiac arrest diagnoses,” he said, adding that he could not find a similar correlation with the number of COVID-19 infections during that period.

Levi claimed that this alarming data point and recommendations to suspend the COVID shot were presented to Israel’s Health Ministry, which they ignored.

“By now, I believe the cumulative evidence is conclusive and confirms our concern that the mRNA vaccines indeed cause sudden cardiac arrest as a sequel of vaccine-induced myocarditis,” he said.

“Presented with all this evidence, I think there’s no other ethical or scientific choice but to pull out the market these medical products and stop all mRNA vaccination programs.”

“This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products, both in terms of efficacy and safety,” he continued, adding “we need to investigate and think hard: how did we end up in a situation that it’s also the most profitable medical product in the history of medical products.”

Professor Levi isn’t the only expert who’s recently called for the COVID shot to be suspended.

Clinical scientist Dr. Joseph Fraiman also called for the mRNA shots to be pulled from the shelves this month after his study found a high correlation between vaccination and severe adverse side effects.

“Now we have multiple autopsy studies that find essentially conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac deaths, yet the rate of these vaccine-induced deaths remains unknown,” he said.

Renowned cardiologist Abdullah Alabdulgader this month also called for the suspension of the COVID injection and a thorough investigation into the shot.

“I think anything related to the mRNA products should be reviewed critically and in view of the cardiovascular complications of this type of vaccination, I think this type of vaccine should be suspended until it is fully investigated,” he concluded.

Norwegian clinical psychologist Dr. Silje Schevig also called for the suspension of the COVID shots earlier this month.

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