February 14, 2023 Dissenter

If you haven’t heard of The New Evangelicals, it is an organization that claims to be a voice for the marginalized in the evangelical church, but its true motives and agenda are dubious. It purports to prioritize the voices of marginalized individuals, but in reality, it is an openly liberal, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian organization. Its pro-gay, pro-abortion, and pro-feminist stance opposes biblical values and standards of morality. In short, it’s the very embodiment of the woke church.

You’re probably aware by now of the so-called “revival” taking place at Asbury University, the Christian school loosely affiliated with the Wesleyan Methodist tradition in Kentucky. We’ve been questioning the credibility of what is going on, much to the rebuke of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are holding out hope that this is the “real deal.”

I’ve been skeptical, and it seems with every passing day, there is more reason to be so. First, we reported that what is taking place in Asbury appears to be mostly unrestrained emotional hype stirred up by vibrant emotive music rather than the unadulterated preaching of the Word of God. Yet, that alone wasn’t enough to cause some to question the validity of the movement.

Next, we showed how several hyper-charismatic blowhards like Todd Bentley and Shawn Bolz were attracted to this movement because it falls in line with their aberrant doctrinal beliefs—that of hyper-charismatic, watered-down, doctrinally shallow emotionally-driven hype.

Still, apparently, that isn’t reason enough to reject a weird, non-normative ecumenical gathering of low-information unlearned students who have probably never heard a real presentation of the gospel as a real move of the Holy Spirit, so we wrote an article explaining how to tell the difference, and showing, from Scripture, the true marks of a biblical revival—hint, it isn’t an emotional whine and cheese session.

But what if we told you that homosexuals at this event are feeling optimistic that this event is making the school and the students involved in revival more “queer-affirming”? Well, that’s what the New Evangelicals are saying.

This organization, which is growing by leaps and bounds, claims that they are speaking to students at the school that are stating exactly this. Earlier today, the New Evangelicals posted a tweet that stated “Just met with an openly queer student who said ultimately they have seen progress at the school over the past 4 years and believe this revival is planting seeds that will do more good than harm.”

Now, this should be corroborated by the fact that the school hosts speakers like Preston Sprinkle, one of the original advisory board members of Revoice, who teaches Side B “gay Christianity” and promotes gay “celibate” marriage-like same-sex relationships that only stop short of bodily penetration. Another person associated with the New Evangelicals who was also a former student at this school said that despite some of the teachers and staff standing against homosexuality in the past, he was glad to see that they are getting out of the way during this “revival” and allowing queer students to participate in leading this revival.