Ivan Leung March 28, 2023


The McGowan Government will tighten WA’s borders will new legislations to prevent illicit drugs from entering our state.

Under new laws, newly created illicit drug detection areas will be created in 22 entry points of Western Australia, including roads, rail, ports, and airports.

WA Police will also receive extra powers to search for illicit drugs within the designated search areas, equipped with regular and high visibility searches of cars and people, assisted by drug detection dogs and electronic wands.

This policy idea is introduced based on pandemic border measures, which reduced drug trafficking by more than 50% in Perth and 73% in regional areas.

Authorities emphasized that new powers are only limited to public places with exemptions, including those who are carrying out certain activities.

The Corruption and Crime Commission will have oversight to prevent the misuse of these new powers, an accountability measure to ensure checks and balances.

This new policy was created based on the police’s request to repeat the drop in meth usage in WA during the pandemic.

In a press conference this afternoon, WA Premier Mark McGowan, Police Minister Paul Papalia, and WA Police Commissioner Col Blanch announced the new legislation.

“We know there is a direct link between meth and violent crime in our community. That’s why my Government has put more police on the streets than ever before, and why we continue to give our hard-working officers what they need to keep our community safe,” he said.

“This new law is going to make it tougher than ever for organized crime to bring drugs into Western Australia.

“Hardworking Western Australian families should not have to put up with crime linked to meth use and hard drugs. That’s why we are not just talking tough – we are taking action which will make it tougher than ever for the drug dealers and pushers.”

WA Police Commissioner Col Blanch says the new laws will help authorities target illegal drugs entering the state.

“The proposed laws are another new tool in the toolbox designed to target traffickers who seek to bring illegal and dangerous drugs into Western Australia,” he says.

“Police officers will use all legislative options and a range of capabilities to stop these drugs entering our community and to bring the criminals behind these importations to justice.

“Our officers are using new technology and constantly learning new investigative methodologies to crack down on crime, and new laws can only assist with those efforts.”



Ivan Leung

Ivan Leung began his media adventure in 2007 with DHK News Chinese, he worked as a journalist and the senior newsreader in Hong Kong. In 2009, he becomes the DHK English News Executive Producer and the Chief Newsreader in-charging a 20 people news team in HK and Perth. Ivan founded WAMN News in January 2013. Ivan can speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English.