Warships JAMMING GPS over Taiwan

Taiwan is encountering JAMMING of GPS signals all along the northern part of the island.  This coincides with the presence of China warships.

It is not known at this time WHY the jamming is being done, but it __is__ interfering with air traffic into and out of Taiwan.


# You too can jam GPS! — Marlena 2023-04-24 22:50

But it is illegal. Just disconnect your car’s satellite antenna and stop making a real time record of your whereabouts. Put the smartphone in a faraday bag–take it out and use wifi calling with a vpn. Too much tinfoil for ya? Enjoy your manacles and go stand in the Democrat line.

+2# 1st Amendment soon to be history, — oldschool 2023-04-24 15:20

Palehorse is right, It’s the beginning of the purge. Hang on to your hat folks, It won’t be long and we will not be on this site talking about censorship. We will be censored, it’s only a matter of time. All Christian, patriotic, conservative news outlets will be heavily censored and shut down. For the one world government under the United Nations to be established there will be no freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Total dystopian nightmare.