Gulf Of Mexico Turning Blood Red Near Florida Coast. Large Fish Kill From Bacteria, Moving Towards Coast.

Sunday, August 10, 2014 8:28
(Before It’s News)

The Red Tide is posing devastating infestation on the marine life of Florida. The incoming tide has already claimed lives of thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico and it is now reported to be closing in on the coast. The Red tide bloom is expected to wash ashore striking the mainland in around two weeks.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the bloom is spread about 80 miles in length and approx 50 miles in width in Gulf of Mexico but presently the tide is from 40 to 90 miles offshore.


Red tide is produced by Karenia brevis, which grows because of an excessive amount of Lyngbya which is a form of cyanobacteria, which is what produced the microcystin toxin that shut down Toledo’s water and is currenty plaguing Lake Erie and many other waterways in the world.


Folks, things aren’t right in the world. We are on the precipice of a global disaster!



Massive Red Tide bloom threatens marine life in Florida