A large number of Special forces are set to swarm Southwest states of USA, and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise

Operation Jade Helm will see 1,200 service members including Green Berets and SEALs, and special forces from the Air Force and Marines in July

Soldiers armed with blank rounds will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado for 8 weeks

The so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law

Operation Jade Helm begins on July 15 and will last for eight weeks, ending on the 15th September, just two days after the predicted ‘Shemitah’ stock market implosion on the 13th of September 2015!
Soldiers will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado where some of them will drop from planes while carrying weapons loaded with blanks in what military officials have dubbed Realistic Military Training.

But with residents of the entire states of Texas and Utah dubbed ‘hostile’ for the purposes of the exercises, Jade Helm has some concerned the drills are too realistic. ”

” Fears, concerns and skepticism of the U.S. Army Special Operations training exercise,

Jade Helm 15, have reached Henderson County.

A concerned resident contacted the Athens Daily Review about the exercise planned
for July 15 through September 15 in multiple southern states, including Texas.

” According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, Texas cities scheduled to host
military exercises this summer are: Bastrop/Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake,
Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction,
Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria.

Texas will be considered a hostile environment for the training and
that too has raised the level of concern among residents. “

In a recent article this week Dave Hodges outlines;

In October of 2014, this agent and his partner informed me that DHS was confiscating their rifles, thus, leaving them nearly defenseless in the face of well-armed Mexican drug cartel incursions. And it is not just the drug cartels that the Border Patrol fears, they have caught members of ISIS at the border as early as last fall. And this is coming at a time when members of the Border Patrol are simultaneously being systematically disarmed by DHS in the face of this latest threat. Almost one month later, in November of 2014, News Channel 4 Tucson Investigators confirmed what my Border Patrol sources had been telling me when the investigators uncovered the fact that some U.S. Border Patrol agents are indeed being disarmed by DHS.

The result of this action by DHS is to leave all Americans more vulnerable than they were before. WHY IS THE BORDER PATROL BEING DISARMED?

The ISIS Invasion Has Begun

WND reported in October that Judicial Watch sources said four “Islamic terrorists” were captured in Texas, just 36 hours apart.

It was about at that time that Duncan Hunter (R-CA) confirmed in a TV interview that jihadists with the Middle Eastern group ISIS were caught coming into the U.S. from Mexico. Hunter said his information came from the Border Patrol, the same as Dave Hodges.

ISIS  base camp near El Paso.

Previously,reported  Judicial Watch report stated that ISIS reconnaissance, through the use of their drug cartel coyotes,  were gathering intelligence on high priority ISIS target sites at various regional universities in the Southwest as well on the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, New Mexico; Fort Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, New Mexico.

It is a well known fact that last summer that the Border Patrol was not allowed to arrest and detain MS-13 gang members. Today, that prohibition has been extended to suspected members of ISIS. They are simply ordered to ‘Stand Down’

Some other points;

1) Jade Helm is a military exercise endorsed by the American government and perpetrated on its own people in complete violation of not just the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878  but is a total an affront on every civil liberty the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is supposed to espouse and maintain.

2. Occupying sovereign territory with a nation’s own armies indicates the very people for which a government was established to help provide for and protect are their declared enemy.

3. The fabricated external threat of terrorism has been deftly translated into meaning that anyone challenging the status quo, be it political, economic or psycho-spiritual, is the enemy. Not external enemies but domestic, as has always been the case, but openly declared since the first so-called Patriot Act. Dissent has become illegal and they’ve virtually declared any thinking American an enemy of the State with a litany of laws, rules and regulations at their disposal while mechanisms set in place long ago to protect personal rights have been eviscerated.

4. The very massive size of this operation and the vast amounts of military hardware pouring into distribution locations around the country indicates this is not just an exercise, but a stealth occupation, at the very least designed to intimidate and acclimatize the American mindset to living in virtual martial law conditions, while they step up their preparations for worse social conditions to come.

5. As wars rage on against supposed terrorists abroad, targeting a nation’s own citizens in such draconian measures makes absolutely zero sense when hardly a non-government induced “terror” incident has transpired. Many more have died from medical and pharmaceutical abuse, police killings and even strikes by lightning, along with a host of other causes. Where’s the big brave justice league on the real problems?

6. The inherent doctrines of personal freedom and individual sovereignty are being violated with abject impunity, a repugnant affront on human dignity.The question haunts: who’s even noticing? Besides those that fall for the supposed need for such a massive operation, how many are totally ignorant that it is even happening?

And the potential outcome of such a manoeuvre?

1. Anything could trigger this operation to go “live” as has happened repeatedly with such staged government sponsored operations.

Economic Collapse

2. One resisting individual, real, or more plausibly planted, could cause a chain reaction of events that would be devastating.

Baltimore, Ferguson, New York, Denver, etc

3. A typical false flag attack on these infiltrating government deployed forces would easily justify a strong armed response, be the incident a lone personal reaction, staged sniper fire, a planted bomb on a military vehicle, or something or things much worse. Such triggers within a staged drill or exercise have proven to work time and again.

Complete breakdown in Law and Order, Illegals becoming an increasing burden, or an outbreak like Ebola; the threat of ISIS from over the Mexican Border, the Mexican Military

4. Problem-reaction-solution. Since they’ve created the problem of imposing military control and its intrusions on personal freedoms, so-called practiced or otherwise, the reaction would no doubt be begged. Once the reaction appears from whatever quarter, real or simply reported to have happened, the justification for full on mobilization against the American people, designed from the outset, goes into play. Confiscation of guns and all potential weapons is clearly on the agenda as they’ve been practicing for years following natural and unnatural disasters. Precious metals, large amounts of cash, and even stockpiled food could easily be on the list as well.

Why is the federal government distributing obscene amounts of military equipment, weapons and ammunition to police departments around the country? And why is DHS acquiring more than 2,500 Mine-Resistant Armored Protection (MRAP) vehicles, only to pass them around to local police departments across the country? According to the New York Times:

[A]s President Obama ushers in the end of what he called America’s “long season of war,” the former tools of combat — M-16 rifles, grenade launchers, silencers and more — are ending up in local police departments, often with little public notice.The equipment has been added to the armouries of police departments that already look and act like military units.Why is the military partnering with local police to conduct training drills around the country?

This Jade Helm 15 operation is no simple exercise. At the very least it is conditioning Americans for more control, even less personal freedom in the surveillance state, and something worse in the near future.


Mainstream media censorship aside, we have a major problem on our southern border that is ready to explode. Any President that is not willing to respond to the ISIS threat, must be seen as guilty of treason. In addition, we see riots and protests across a number of cities, with Baltimore and Ferguson being key Illuminati hotspots, where the use of force via the National Guard, pepper spray, riot police, arrests, looting and pillaging of property, America is being turned into a battlefield, ripe for civil war. Last year it was the Elite prepping for Ebola.

Insisting that there’s nothing to be alarmed about, the Washington Post took great pains to point out that these military exercises on American soil are nothing new. For instance, there was Operation Bold Alligator, in which in which thousands of Marines and sailors carried out amphibious exercises against “insurgent” forces in Georgia and Florida. Operation Robin Sage had Green Beret soldiers engaging in guerrilla warfare in North Carolina.

And Operation Derna Bridge sends Marine special forces into parts of South Carolina and the National Forest.

Yet if Americans are uneasy about this summer’s planned Jade Helm 15 military exercises, they have every right to be.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that Jade Helm 15 is not a thinly veiled military plot to take over the country, but is merely a “routine” exercise for troops, albeit a blatantly intimidating flexing of the military’s muscles.

The problem arises when you start to add Jade Helm onto the list of other troubling developments that have taken place over the past 30 years or more:

the expansion of the military industrial complex and its influence in Washington DC,

the rampant surveillance, the corporate-funded elections and revolving door between lobbyists and elected officials,

the militarized police, the loss of our freedoms, the injustice of the courts, the privatized prisons, the school lockdowns, the roadside strip searches, the military drills on domestic soil, the fusion centers and the simultaneous fusing of every branch of law enforcement (federal, state and local), the stockpiling of ammunition by various government agencies, the active shooter drills that are indistinguishable from actual crises, the economy flirting with near collapse, etc.

Suddenly, the overall picture seems that much more sinister. Clearly, there’s a larger agenda at work here.

Unfortunately, when we look at the type of terrorist targets identified in the Judicial Watch documents, none in the Southwest should feel safe, or the rest of America for that matter.. When ISIS strikes, more than likely this summer, it will look and feel like the TET Offensive, from the Vietnam War, in that the targets will be widespread and varied and will happen in unison. People of the Southwest, prepare to defend yourselves


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