20th June 2015

China is set to retrofit thousands of merchant ships for military purposes so they can be used in the event of a war, another disturbing indication of growing tensions between Beijing and Washington. Multiple (reasonable) rumors indicate a serious conflict between China and the States. Check these out and weigh-in with what you think is on the agenda. Is the beginning of ww3 on the horizon? We know what Bible prophecy has to say about this.

US preparing to face down China

American flags fly fore and aft on the US missile cruiser Shiloh as it docks at a pier across a narrow waterway from decrepit, decaying buildings of an abandoned US naval base at Subic Bay. The dock was once a bulwark of American power in the South China Sea after US forces seized the base from the Spanish in 1899.

At the end of a long walkway from the pier to shore, eager shopkeepers again sell souvenirs and taxi drivers lie in wait for sailors primed for a night of carousing in the bars of Olongapo, the base town in the Philippines. Now, nearly a quarter of a century after the US Navy had to give up its Subic Bay base and the Clark Air Base across the Zambales mountains to the east, Americans are once again ready to defend the Philippines, and the region.

The Philippines Senate, which had voted in 1991 against renewing the lease on US bases, has dropped its objection to the American return to waters threatened by China’s new insistence on its right to rule almost all the South China Sea – including the Spratly Islands claimed by the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei. Read More

China Prepares For War?

Amid escalating tensions in Asia, China’s lone aircraft carrier conducted military exercises Friday along with fighter jets after setting sail from the coastal city of Qingdao in east China, officials from the People’s Liberation Army Navy said. Military officials declined to state where the exercises where taking place, but called the drills routine, Reuters reported.

The exercises are part of China’s ongoing efforts to develop a navy capable of defending its economy, the world’s second largest, and its territorial positions amid disputes over who controls the South China and East China seas. China wants its aircraft carrier and fighter jets, including the Shenyang J-15, to be war ready, the Chinese navy has said.

China claims most of the South China Sea, but the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam have overlapping claims. China has also disputed sovereignty of islands in the East China Sea with Japan. Critics claim the territorial disputes are also aimed at minimizing U.S. military dominance in the region. Read More

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