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Hillsong United: The Fall Of Empires

Lance Goodall | 2nd Oct 2015

The Band No Doubt – duality – the stripes and checkerboard

Masonic Duality Symbolism

The Masonic Checkerboard is one of the most important symbols to the Illuminati, for it is used in ritualistic ceremonies. This is used because black and white is a symbol for duality, or the base of consciousness. Base consciousness is important, because it is where all other states of mind arise. Personally, I like to think that checkerboards are also symbols for the celebrities being pawns.

Duality patterns, such as checkerboards, stripes or zebras, are also commonly used as triggers for mind control slaves in order to reach specific alters. I didn’t add too much stripes symbolism-wise in this post because I was overwhelmed with checkerboards alone.

As the base consciousness is before discriminative consciousness comes into being. It is there before knowingness comes into being. It is there before “I-amness” or knowing of beingness arises.This is the base. It is the body of all its states and essence of all its states.

The IRS headquarters in New Carrollton, Maryland is a government building that, despite being constructed with public funds, contains various art references to elite secret societies.

The symbolism of the twin pillars is ancient and very meaningful as it refers to the core of hermetism, the basis of secret society teachings. In short, the pillars represent duality and the union of opposites:

The entrance to the IRS headquarters is guarded by two black and white pillars made of the highest quality marble, topped with white hands. Between the two pillars is a dark pyramid with a metal capstone on which is written “We the People”

The Masonic Symbolism of Colours


White, the original colour of the masonic apron, was always considered an emblem of purity and innocence, exemplified in images such as the white lily or fallen snow, or a white swan.

Plato asserts that white is par excellence the colour of the gods. In the Bible, Daniel sees God as a very old man, dressed in robes white as snow (Daniel 7:9). In the New Testament Jesus is transfigured on Mount Tabor before Peter, James and John, when his clothes became ‘daz-zling’ white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them’ (Mark 9:3). Officiating priests of many religions wore and still wear white garments. In ancient Jerusalem both the priests and the Levites who performed the Temple rites assumed white clothing.

Among Romans, the unblemished character of a person aspiring to public office was indicated by a toga whitened with chalk. This is the origin of the word ‘candidate,’ from candidatus ‘dressed in white.’ Verdicts at trials were decided by small stones (calculi) thrown into an urn: white to absolve, black to condemn which would condemn.

White signifies beginnings, virtualities, the white page facing the writer, ‘the space where the possible may become reality.’ White is therefore understandably the colour of initiation.  It is a symbol of perfection, as represented by the swan in the legend of Lohengrin. In this aspect it is related to light or sky blue, which in Hebrew is tchelet and may be connected semantically with tichla (perfection, completeness) and tach-lit (completeness, purpose). (See also the observations on the symbolism of blue.) Among the Celts the sacred colours of white, blue and green were understood to stand for light, truth and hope.

Druids were robed in white.

White is also connected with the idea of death and resurrection. Shrouds are white; spirits are represented as wearing white veils. White, rather than black, is sometimes the colour of mourning, among the ancient kings of France, for instance, and in Japan. White, finally, can signify joy. Leukos (Greek) means both white and cheerful; as does candidus in Latin. The Romans marked festive days with lime and unlucky days with charcoal.


The three fundamental colours found in all civilizations, down to the Middle Ages in Europe, are white, red and black.

These, too, may be regarded as the principal colours of Freemasonry: the white of the Craft degrees, the red of the Royal Arch and of certain of the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, and the black of some of its others, and of the Knights of Malta. The other colours of the rainbow find limited uses; they serve only to frame or line the white lambskin upon which so many aprons are based, or for sashes and other items of regalia.

Traditionally, black is the colour of darkness, death, the underworld although it was not introduced for mouming until about the middle of the fourteenth century, such use becoming habitual only in the sixteenth. The ‘black humour’ of melancholy (atara hilis) the black crow of ill omen, the black mass, black market, ‘black days’: all refer to negative aspects. The Black Stone at Mecca is believed by Muslims to have been at one time white; the sins of man caused the transformation.

Black has also a positive aspect, that of gravity and sobriety; the Reformation in Europe frowned upon colourful clothing. Formal dress for day and evening wear continues to be black.  It is associated with the outlaw and the banners of pirates and anarchists, but also with rebirth and transformation.

In the French and Scottish Rites, the lodge in the third degree is decorated in black and is strewn with white or silver tears, representing the sorrow caused by the death of Hiram Abif.

The hues of white and black are widely used to depict opposites. Visually, white and black offer a high contrast.

The floor in a masonic temple/lodge

In Western culture, white and black traditionally symbolize the dichotomy of good and evil, metaphorically related to light and darkness and day and night. The dichotomy of light and darkness appears already in the Pythagorean Table of Opposites. [ Wikipedia}

The concepts of duality (while not negative itself, unless purposely perverted with negative symbolism), multiple personalities and alter egos are all-too-common themes explored continuously throughout the site. Just as the Eye of Providence is heavily exploited by the music industry, to the point of being repetitive, these themes are worth pointing out to show that there is an agenda of desensitization and manipulation going on behind the scenes.

The Upside Down World Of Sacred Symbols


 The Empires Album – 66 Black and White Stripes

Hillsong’s Inverted Cross

The values held by our modern society can be said to be a complete reversal of those held by preceding cultures rooted in spiritual truths. The accelerating contempt for tradition has led the masses to believe ancient wisdom and its myths to be mere foolishness, that only the world of the senses is real, there is nothing which lies beyond; or, if it be conceded that higher realms do indeed exist, they are of minor importance, earthly life takes precedence now, let us leave death to worry about the hereafter.

In every spiritual tradition, symbols were implemented in initiation practices to act as a bridge between this world and the world unseen. The realm beyond, incapable of being expressed in ordinary language, was represented through the use of symbols. These sacred symbols acted as supports which could transport an initiate into higher realms of being, while simultaneously acting as conduits to channel Divine Knowledge unto to the realm of manifested existence, following the hermetic adage ‘As above, so below’.

A symbol that was traditionally considered to embody the very Principle of Life has now taken on the complete inverse in meaning, as the general public in the modern West now associates the swastika solely with the atrocities committed by the Third Reich. Consequently, the swastika now embodies the anti-spiritual concepts of tyranny, war, and mass genocide.

The Nazi regime heavily relied on knowledge of the occult in order to rise to power. This is an often overlooked characteristic found in those who gain power so swiftly and effectively with little resistance in their path. To effectively alter the course of events in the physical world, it is necessary to appeal to the forces that have a direct influence over this world, that is, the powers of either good or evil which belong to the nonphysical realms. It is likely for this reason that the Nazis chose such a powerful spiritual symbol to emblemize their rising global empire. As a result, the malefic aspect of the symbol’s dual nature was accessed, and the swastika became an icon of death.

Like the swastika, the sign of the pentagram has been used by many traditional cultures and is perceived with an equally negative connotation in modern culture. The pentagram has been found in the traditions of Taoism, Ayurveda, the Ancient Greek Pythagoreans, and medieval Christianity.

Christianity used the pentagram as a sign of the five senses and a symbol of health. It also portrayed the five wounds of Christ and was therefore used as a protective symbol against evil.

The ancient Pythagoreans used the pentagram as a sign of health as well, and the five points referred to the five elements of creation, with ether (or spirit) vivifying and ruling over the other four elements of fire, earth, water and air.

However, during the emerging interest in occult magic in 19th century Europe, the occultist Eliphas Lévi propounded that an inverted pentagram with two points facing upwards was a sign of evil. Whatever his intentions for propagating such a concept, the negative connotations of the pentagram spread, and ultimately the symbol in both its upright and inverted forms became associated with evil in Western mentality.

Whether on purpose, ignorance or through ‘creative licence’ Hillsong’s Empires Album cover has all the hallmarks of this inversion.

One of the most popular Satanist symbols is the upside down cross, the reasoning behind which seems obvious enough. With the possible exception of that pentagram thing with the goat’s head inside it, the inverted cross is the most immediately recognizable symbol of defiance against Christianity.

“The inverted cross is the most immediately recognizable symbol of defiance against Christianity.”

The question then is why does Hillsong use this Black and White dualism and inversion to the max?!

That’s pretty hardcore. But there’s only one man on Earth who is death metal enough to have an inverted cross carved into his own throne, and that’s the POPE

Whoa, wait a second…

If those Satanists had paid attention in Sunday school, they would probably realize that the inverted cross is actually the personal trademark of Saint Peter, the first Pope, and one of the most revered figures in Catholic lore. When Peter was martyred by crucifixion he was said to have requested to be crucified upside down because he didn’t feel worthy of dying the same way as Jesus. As a result, many dyed-in-the-wool Catholics actually consider the inverted cross to be a more acceptable thing to attach to your tacky jewelry than a regular right-way-up one.

Inverted Esoteric Symbols Used by the Media and Entertainment Industry

Paradoxically, those in power, in particular those controlling the media and the entertainment industry seem to be rather aware of esoteric symbols.

But disturbingly, symbols that have once stood for goodness and light are used by those controlling mass media, entertainment, and fashion, in an inverted manner, making them therefore stand for the exact opposite: to control and enslave.

For example, the esoteric symbol of a star pointing upwards (think of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man) represents the awakened man, while a star pointing downwards represents the opposite of that and is associated with diabolical forces.

Inverted symbols, as well as symbols that represent dark forces or black rituals, are sadly used all around us in a repeated, and apparently deliberate manner to convey a message and to put people under the very influences these symbols draw their forces from. This in turn can either make these misunderstood symbols go viral, or it can have the effect of making people suspicious of all symbols and in the process turn against anything that has esoteric connotations, be they good or bad. Neither outcome is favourable, and the best course of action is to be knowledgeable about the visual information we are exposed to on a regular basis and what the agenda behind it is.

Hillsong’s Agenda is the formation of a one world inclusive ‘Christian’ ethos with one Spirtual head, but this will be nothing but anti- Christ. The fall of EMPIRES brings in the rise of a NEW WORLD ORDER.