19 April 2016     Lance Goodall

I don’t really know where to start with this…but this is the worst of the worst.

Hillsong London was absolutely slammed recently for their production of Hillsong Carols 2015 at Wembley Stadium, where we had a Vegas style rendition of Silent Night.

After pulling down footage from youtube, and other weak responses I don’t think there was a clarification or an apology, as to the reasons behind this production.

Now Hillsong London has now crossed another line all in the name of entertainment, that not even the New Testament apostles could have predicted,…. Satan has been glorified at their Easter Service!

Of course strictly speaking Easter in its traditional sense is a pagan festival. The church should be aligning its celebration with the Jewish Passover. However this has brought the fulfillment of the prophecy, that Satan would sit on the Temple of God.

Firstly so there is no misunderstanding we are in The Last Days, and apostasy is now rampant. The following video is just a short snippet from an actual Satanic Church. (Thankfully it only goes for a couple of minutes – but WARNING it is still very disturbing.


Satanic Church

If you watched the above video, you will notice that they mocked the Lord Jesus and His Cross.

However the following is recorded at Hillsong London for their Easter Service, the use of drama and music and choreography, has brought the Church to their very gates of Hell. You literally feel the oppression in the Hillsong meeting. It is like you have landed in a druid den, or witches coven.

Hillsong is mocking the Cross and glorying in the Devil! 

We have become desensitized by our modern media, that discernment has completely GONE from Christians. This blind obedience to church leaders is beyond comprehension. Adam Cherrington has exposed this, but I’m wanting to alert you to this apostasy as much as I can.

Although to the innocent bystander this may like a modern play to illustrate the cross, and all the horror that Christ went through. But the once more Hillsong play the Illuminati card, and several hidden subliminal messages are thrown up on the big screen.

At 17 minutes into the video you see a large red pyramid with the all seeing-eye capstone flashing at high frequency, that then covers the image of Christ’s eye.

This proves this event was all about the occult.

At about the 20 minute mark you see a kaleidoscope pattern that swirls around, which then morphs into images of horned creatures, Baphomet, an owl, a horned bat like creature, and at one point glowing red demon eyes.

And as these collage of images go from one to the next, the choir on stage sing “Praise the name of the Lord our God”. As the choir sang this song, all this is playing out in the background, and a white ziggurat structure was displayed with a pyramid, and a capstone?

Warning – Disturbing images

Hillsong London — 35 mins


Another Hillsong London version to show clearly this was recorded 27/03/2016  – 27 mins 


Hillsong London Easter – The 3 min version 


We are no longer talking about the money or their music, but their league with the Devil. 

If you are part of this church you need to leave NOW, like the place was on fire, or a bomb had gone off.