“Trump Has Already Been Chosen Two Years Ago”


APRIL 28, 2016 11:49 PM BY

At the first of the month in January 2016, while I sat at the front desk at the private club where I worked, a prominent political figure came in for a private meeting. Many guests of the club are congressmen and senators. It is basically a Republican elitist club.

On that night, a secret service agent came to the front desk and stood there the entire time. The prominent political official who was at the time Speaker of the House came in for a meeting. This is typical procedure. Normally, there are no real conversations between the secret service and myself or others. They are friendly, but distant and professional, which is to be expected.

But on that night this secret service agent who stood at my desk began talking to me. I was a little nervous because it was not typical. He began by asking me, “So who do you think will be the next president?”

I felt a sense of being cautious about this, but I answered, “I am not sure, but I think it will be Trump.”

He answered, “Oh it will be Trump. He has already been chosen. He was chosen two years ago. We all know it.”

I sat there feeling nervous and not knowing exactly what was happening. And why he would be even talking to me, especially about this in the way he answered. So I felt that there was an open door, so I decided to start asking him questions. Why not? If he did not want to answer then that was that. So I asked him, “So let me ask you a question. What about this Jade Helm 15 that went on all last year?”

He responded, “What do you think it is?”

I already knew the answer, but I wanted to approach lightly, so I replied ever so cautiously, “I don’t know. What we lowly people are being told is that it was just a military drill for perhaps civilian control.”

He said, “You’re right. It is for civilian control.”

I asked him, “Is there going to be martial law?”

He quickly answered back, “Yes there is going to be martial law, and that is exactly what Jade Helm is for.”

He then went on. “You see Donald Trump was chosen to be the next president because of his immigration reform. When he is elected into office, the first thing he is going to do is do a massive immigration sweep, which will cause massive civil problems. And this will be when martial law will be initiated, but not everywhere. Only in areas where it will be needed at first.”

My questions were simple because I did not want to let him know what I knew, at first anyway. At times I let him know I did know some things in order to see how far he would go. In fact, the more I shared with him the things I knew, the more he grew serious and opened up.

Then he said, “Iran is getting ready to blow the hell out of Israel.”

I then moved on and wanted to ask him more because I did not know how much time I had or how long this window would be open. So I said, “Okay, so let me ask you another question. What about the coming economic collapse?”

He answered with a strong overt reply, “There is not going to be an economic collapse. There is going to be an economic catastrophe!”

I said, “Really? Is it really going to be that bad?”

He said, “Yes, it is going to much worse that anybody can imagine. No one is ready for what is coming. In fact it is going to be so bad there is really no way anybody is going to be able to prepare. Are you preparing? It might be wise for you to do so.”

I said, “For how long? Weeks, months?”

He answered, “Months.”

I asked him, “Are you preparing?”

He smiled, but didn’t answer at first. Then he finished our conversation by saying, “I am single, I don’t need to prepare. Plus, I am getting out of this country and transferring to Europe.”

He was serious, dead serious. Then he had to go. I never saw him again and I no longer work at that place. I believe I was there to see the things I did, and to hear what God wanted me to hear. God knows who will be our next president. This we know for sure. And we will shortly see. But it was an interesting conversation, so I thought it worth sharing.

Editor’s Note:

It is interesting to consider Trump as chosen. Some have suggested he will help delay America falling off the cliff for a time, but if as suggested here he was chosen for his immigration policy, then he is somehow part of the system. His changes will bring an uprising in the Latino communities which will initiate gradual Martial Law. This is already happening at his political rallies over the last few days.