German Cardinal Walter Kasper, who attended the ecumenical gathering in Munich

300 denominations meet for ecumenical gathering in Munich

Some 1,700 Christians from around 300 denominations have met in Munich for a ‘Together in Europe’ gathering of the Ecumenical Congress promoting unity between Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals.

In a meeting supported by Pope Francis and Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I, leaders of the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, several Orthodox Churches, Protestant denominations and free evangelical denominations including some Baptists and Pentecostals debated for three days about how to walk towards “encounter, reconciliation and hope in a better future.”

Among the speakers were the German Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper, Evangelical Protestant Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm and German Evangelical Alliance Secretary General Hartmut Steeb. Pope Francis and Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople sent video messages to the meeting.

“We want to contribute towards reconciliation of Christians and of Churches,” the organisers said on their website. “Through our witness of unity and reconciliation we also hope to impact on society as a whole. We want to encourage all people of our time to respond with a decisive and hopeful yes for going ahead together and overcoming barriers among people, nations, social and cultural groups.”

The Congress finished with an open air rally attended by around 5,000 people under the banner: “500 years of division is enough – unity is possible”. German YMCA leader Gerhard Pross said: “The division amongst Christians in Europe is a wound, but it does not have to be open forever…500 years are enough.”


Blog Editor:

Yes, I agree 500 years is long enough. Lets bring back the bubonic plague, as that was last with us about 500 years ago too. Its about time we had another pandemic…. Same logic right?

Fools and blind guides!

Listen to a couple of  statements.

The Westminster Confession of faith Chapter XXV – of the church 

That ” the pope… is that antichrist. that man of sin , and son of perdition that exalteth himself in the church..”

Pope Leo XIII

“The Pope is not simply the representative of Jesus Christ. On the contrary… he is Jesus Christ, Himself under the veil of the flesh”

Source: “Evangelical Christendom” Jan 1 1895, p,15 published in London by J S Phillips

On a catholic site the writer seeks to try and distinguish between the Popes high office, and that of Christ as the supreme head.

“It is proved by the second reason, based in Scripture: for all the names, ascribed to Christ in Scripture, from which it is determined that he is over the Church—those same names are ascribed to the Pontiff. [2] And first, Christ is the paterfamilias [male head of the household] in his own house, which is the Church. The Pope is the highest steward in the same house, that is, the household head in Christ’s place: Luke 12: “Who is the faithful and prudent dispenser, whom the Lord has set over his household, etc.” Here by “dispenser,” or “steward” [oeconomus], as the Greek has it, they [the Fathers?] understand the Bishop.”

But for a true protestant or evangelical the pope’s position is still too highly esteemed, and does not fit the biblical title as we understand bishop in the same context as pastor, shepherd or elder. The traditional title ‘pontifex maximus’ is still applied to the pope as it was in the beginning.

But I finish with these words;

“What monstrous idea is this, my dear brother? So little does the Roman Church stand alone, as you think, that in the whole world any nation that in its pride dissents from her is in no way a Church, but a council of heretics, a conventicle of schismatics, and a synogogue of Satan.”

Pope ‘St.’ Leo IX, the author of the Schism, Epistle to the Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Keroularios, 1050 A.D.; cf. Eberhardt, Catholic History, Vol. I, pp. 494-495.]

“By passing a preceding judgment on the great See, concerning which it is not permitted any man to pass judgment, you have received anathema from all the Fathers of all the venerable Councils…As the hinge while remaining immovable opens and closes the door, so Peter and his successors have free judgment over all the Church, since no one should remove their status because “the highest See is judged by no one.”

“The Catholic Church, mother and immaculate virgin, although destined to fill the whole world with her members, has nevertheless but one head, which must be venerated by all. Whoever dishonours that head claims in vain to be one of her members. That head is the Church of Rome, whose power the great Constantine recognizes in his Donation. Now, as Bishop of Rome, the Pope is the Vicar of God charged with the care of the churches.”

Pope ‘St.’ Leo IX, ibid.

Did you get that…. Just when you thought the head was Christ,according to this quote, it is the Church of Rome herself.