Political Insider Hints: ‘Something Massive Is About To Go Down’ – More Evidence Emerges Barack Obama May Be Going Nowhere In 2017

September 14, 2016

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

With the mainstream media’s credibility now nearly completely destroyed after being exposed as a mouthpiece of the globalists who are merely marching to the orders of Hillary Clinton’s rapidly disintegrating presidential campaign, more and more evidence is emerging that Barack Obama may be going nowhere in January of 2017 unless the globalists can somehow ‘pull a rabbit out of the hat’ and find a way to keep Donald Trump out of Washington.

With ‘treasonous-hillary’ and the globalists still itching for a war with Russia that could quickly lead to hundreds of millions of dead Americans, one very popular Russian TV host has recently warned that the ‘merciless American establishment’ may kill Donald Trump to keep a pro-America president out of office as heard in the final video below. Trump believes that we should build better relationships with Russia rather than launching a war upon them that could lead to the deaths of 50% or more of the US population.

And as we hear directly from the mouth of Barack Obama in the 1st video below, there is no guarantee that there will be a winner of the election in November. What does Obama know that the American people don’t know? We also learn below the reasons we believe that a huge story may soon be breaking after Matt Drudge appeared to give those who closely follow the Drudge Report a ‘cryptic hint’ thatsomething massive is about to go down’.


As radio talk show host Michael Savage tells Alex Jones and Infowars in the 2nd video below, Clinton’s health issues have suddenly taken center stage and with her candidacy now in freefall in the presidential race and many calling her ‘unelectable’, we hear from Savage why he believes Obama may suspend the election. In the 3rd video below from MrThriveAndSurvive, he tells us why he believes Barack Obama is going nowhere in 2017.

As this new story from The Week tells us, 30% of Americans literally believe she would die in office before her first term would’ve been over in 2020 if she somehow manages to steal the election and more than half of the country believes that she has lied about her health. How could she possibly win without the globalists outright stealing it for her?

Back on June 13th we reported on ANP that bombshell proof had emerged that ‘black lives matter’ was pushing for a canceled election and martial law in America after hacked Twitter DM’s between blm leaders showed they were pushing to keep Obama in office for another 4 years. Very little has happened since that story that would make us believe that the globalists still plan on allowing America to have an election if their candidate can’t win.


As this latest poll from the Los Angeles Times indicates, with the Clinton campaign fighting now against their own lies after ‘hillary’ did her best ‘Weekend At Bernies’ impression on Sunday, Trump now stands at nearly+5% from the ultra-left Times.

For those who still believe that Barack Obama would never declare a state of emergency in America, naming himself ‘dictator’ until the globalists are able to position a pro-NWO president in America should hitlery continue to crumble, all you need to do is listen to the 1st video below, a new compilation in which we hear our ‘commander-thief’ himself tell us that we may not have a new president come January and ‘the end of the Republic has never looked better‘.

Once again, what does Barack Obama know that we don’t know? This is a very quick, 1+ minute video that needs to be heard to get a better idea of why we’re making this call. We have been warned, by Obama himself. Much more below.

Now that you’ve seen and heard Obama himself telling us what could very well be the future for America, we take a look at several more new stories which show us the direction this all may be heading. According to this new story from Infowars, the Washington Post is making the call that the first debate may be canceled as the very last thing that hitlery’s crumbling campaign wants is to go ‘head to head’ with a strong and rapidly rising Donald Trump.

With the Washington Post also now pushing the crackpot conspiracy theory that Trump or Russian president Vladimir Putin may have had ‘hillary’ poisoned, we see how desperate the globalists have suddenly become in their moves to finish the dismantlement of our Republic (as Obama himself mentioned in video above!) before the rest of America ‘awakens’.

As we reported on ANP on Tuesday, according to radio talk show host Michael Savage, we’re only one bad election away from losing America. With Bill Clinton himself recently likening hitlery to a demon as shared in this story from the American Mirror, we take a look back at a story from early July in which we were told that a majority of Democrats would prefer a 3rd Obama term over another Clinton presidency, and that was before ‘the weekend at Hillary’s‘.

We have reported again and again on ANP that if the globalists who have stolen America away from the American people have their way, they’ll never allow Donald Trump or any other ‘pro-America’ president into office and now that it’s looking more and more like ‘hitlery’s health’ and her campaign may be in ‘terminal mode’, we expect that very soon a huge announcement of some sort or another will be made. We are truly witnessing historical US politics playing out on the world stage.


We also have the ever-present reminder of a massive story ready to break evidenced by the (backslash symbol) on the upper lefthand corner of the Drudge Report as seen in the screenshot above, a ‘signal’ Drudge has often used to indicate that a full-siren-alert story was forthcoming. With America and the world now seemingly forgetting all about the bombshells that Julian Assange had promised that Wikileaks would soon drop upon Clinton, do you really think that she’s forgotten?

One thing that has become very clear to us over the years is that the Drudge Report has become the ‘kryptonite’ to the Clinton machine, from dropping the Monica Lewinsky bombshell on Bill, Hill and the world to pushing her ill health endlessly while the mainstream media shrunk away from the truth due to threats from her goonsquad, the entire free world owes Matt Drudge a tremendous ‘thank you’ for pounding the truth home to the masses while the MSM proved themselves as tools of the Clinton’s.

That backslash symbol on Drudge may also be that ever-present reminder to her that should she ever be able to get over whatever appears to be making her health fall apart before the entire world, another bombshell (or 100,000) are ready to be unleashed upon her via her own emails. Talk about the chickens coming home to roost.


With America now closing in on an October 1st date that could see the control of the internet suddenly in the hands of the sharia-law supporting United Nations and the globalists absolutely desperate to hold onto their biggest prize, America, we urge you to keep your eyes on websites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart and ANP to see if, suddenly and without warning, alternative news websites are all shut down. For if we reach that moment in time, a point in history we pray we never come to, it will indicate to America and the world that the 1st Amendment has been done away with in America.

As we reported, if for some reason ‘hillary’ is forced to drop out of the race, political chaos unlike anything most of us have known in our lives could break out across America.

While recent indications suggest that she’ll continue in the race once she’s able to ‘recuperate’, if the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are correct and something much worse than simply pneumonia is hampering her, the next 50+ days could be historical and by January of 2017, we may see Barack Obama still in office to the delight of the majority of Democrats here in America but to the dismay of much of the rest of the world.