donald-trump-hillary-clinton-1st-debate-600WASHINGTON – Former House Speaker affirmed Donald Trump’s claims that the presidential election is being stolen by a one-sided media almost universally working shamelessly for his opponent, ignoring substantive Hillary Clinton scandals while hyping unsubstantiated charges against Trump.

“I think that without the unending one-sided assault of the news media, Trump would be beating Hillary by 15 points,” he told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week.” “I think when you look at WikiLeaks and you look at all the things she has said, when you look at the deals in Russia that Bill Clinton made, and that the Clinton Foundation – I mean, all this nonsense by [Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim] Kaine about Russia, it’s Clinton, Bill Clinton, who got a half a million dollar speech. It is the Clintons who got money for the Clinton Foundation from Russia. It is – it is [Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John] Podesta who was on a Russian company advisory board that was apparently funded by [Vladimir] Putin.

The mask is off! Get October’s stunning pre-election Whistleblower issue, “HILLARY’S ULTIMATE WEAPON: America’s biased and abusive news media finally abandon all pretense of fairness”

Gingrich said he thinks it’s amazing Trump is as close in the polls as he is right now given the media barrage and its failure to cover Clinton in any meaningful way.

“And the best description of it is by Barry Castleman in his blog where he said this is a coup d’etat,” Gingrich added. “Fourteen million citizens and private ballots picked Donald Trump, 20 TV executives have decided to destroy him.”

Gingrich added that he sees potential fraud at the precinct level, too, and agrees with Trump’s plans for poll monitoring.

“You look at Philadelphia, you look at St. Louis, you look at Chicago, I mean, again I’m old enough, I remember when Richard Nixon had the election stolen in 1960 and no serious historian doubts that Illinois and Texas were stolen,” he said. “So to suggest that we have – that you don’t have theft in Philadelphia is to deny reality.”


Gingrich conceded Trump is hurting himself sometimes by spending too much time defending himself against reckless charges.

“But here’s my point, and I’ve said this publicly, there’s a Big Trump and there’s a Little Trump. The Big Trump is a historic figure,” he said. “The Big Trump beat 16 other people for the nomination. The Big Trump is creating issues that make the establishment very uncomfortable. The Little Trump frankly gets out – is stupid. I mean, that comment just then is dumb. And I don’t defend him when he wanders off; I’ve told him over and over. You know, presidents have to be disciplined, and in that sense Hillary is probably better trained to be president, just because she’s the most corrupt person to ever get the nomination of a major party.”

In the last weeks of the campaign, Gingrich urges Trump to focus on the corruption in Washington.

“I think in a disciplined way, using text that have thought through, he should outline the scale of corruption that permeates this city and make very clear to the American people they have two choices: they can continue the corruption with the most corrupt candidate in history, and that’s Hillary Clinton, or they can vote to clean up the city, which by the way will lead to the kind of problems Scott Walker had in Madison,” he said. “You try to clean up Washington, you’re going to have huge forces starting with the unions trying to stop you, which is what happened to Walker. He had death threats … I think – well, first of all, I think it will attract a lot of Democrats when they look at the scale of the corruption, will decide it’s intolerable.”

He advised Trump to “be calm and firm and pleasant, and just continue to say the things he believes.”

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