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Donald Duped By The Neo-Cons – Russia Denounces Attacks On Syria

8 April 2017


Dave Hodges  from The Common Sense Show reports;

Things are unfolding faster than they can be covered.   With the US taking offensive action in Syria, the world has moved very close to war.

In debate $2, Hillary Clinton claimed that she would establish a no-fly zone. That meant war with Russia. It was one of the primary reasons that many voted against her. What President Trump has

President Trump’s message to the world on America’s attack on Syria.

Trump stated:

“No Child of God should ever suffer such horror.” President Trump 4/6/17

Whose God Mr. President? How do you know that this is not a false flag, Mr. President.

This sounds so much like a globalist that it is not even funny.

Obama ( err… Trump) is under enormous pressure, from the Banksters to take out the Iranian regime.

The need to take down Iran is necessitated because the Petrodollar is in real trouble because of Iran’s insistence on selling oil to India, China and Russia in exchange for gold.

Gold is a four letter word to the Banksters!

The Banksters must maintain their fiat currency schemes. Subsequently, the Banksters must dominate the purchase of oil and the distribution of gold for three reasons:

(1) The Banksters thrive on fiat currency which is backed by virtually nothing and this is coupled with fractional reserve practices in order to acquire real material wealth based on their creation of worthless paper and the introduction of gold threatens this Ponzi scheme;

(2) Since Bretton Woods, the world has been forced by the Banksters to play in their Ponzi scheme game by first purchasing Federal Reserve dollars which is in turn used to purchase oil. Saddam Hussein failed to play by the Petrodollar rules by selling oil for Euros and paid for his disobedience with his life; and,

(3) Once the Banksters collapse the currencies of the world, they want to be the ones controlling gold, the only remaining currency, in a post economic Armageddon.

Why did I note Obama (I mean Trump)? Because I wrote these same words three years ago and four years ago. Obama previously accused Assad of launching chemical attack on his people then. Obama was organizing to invade. First it was Syria and then it was  Syria and then it was to be Iran. Why? Because Iran was fueling the run away from the Petrodollar to gold-based currencies.  This means war to the bankers. And war is what we are going to get?

Mr. President, what happened to your pledge to bring our troops home? What happened in Syria is a false flag attack and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows this.

It is interesting to note the media attacks on Trump have relaxed over thte past 2-3 days! This is no coincidence.  And even if the attack was not a false flag, which it is, is this ALLEGED attack by Syria worth a confrontation with the Russians becaue they are entrenched in their support of Assad. Why wouldn’t Trump approach Putin and have a dialogue prior to the massive missile attack? Wouldn’t this be consistent to what he pledged to do during the campaign?

This False Flag Has Been Planned Well in Advance of the Attack

There are two developments that speak to prior planning for matial law and World War III, with both Russia and China prior to this false flag.

Yesterday, while driving on I-25 between Ft. Collins and Denver, Paul Martin observed a column of American Military Police traveling with riot gear including a sound cannon. This is riot control. Why would riot control be needed now?  Because we are going to war and will be in martial law footing.  And before you tell me this is just an isolated incident, consider the fact that I received the same information from a reader locatd outside of Waco. I am certain that the forces of martial law are organizing as I write these words.

Further, Paul Preston called me last night and conveyed to me that he had irrefutable proof that the Stennis Carrier Task Force was conducting drills between San Diego and Catalina Island.  This simulated the straits near Taiwan and the Straits of Hormuz.

Additionally, I have a source, a military source, that told me the following two days ago:

  1. The Chinese are prepared to come across our Southern border once hostilities break out in Syria.
  2. North Korea will simultaneously attack South Korean and Nuke Japan.
  3. The Chinese will invade Taiwan.

At first these reports seemed to be unrelated. In lieu of yesterday’s attack on Syria, these events are fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.

We are more than likely going to war.



Trump ordered missiles on Syria just hours after Hillary Clinton called for the same action

clinton syria

Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World summit in New York, where she advocated airstrikes in Syria. Getty Images

US President Donald Trump ordered airstrikes on a Syrian airfield over this week’s chemical-weapons attack that has been tied to forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Early Friday local time, the US Navy reportedly launched more than 50 cruise missiles at an airfield and nearby Syrian military infrastructure. Officials told NBC News no people were targeted.

The attack came just hours after reports that Trump had summoned his defense secretary, Jim Mattis, to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to discuss his options.

But before that, Hillary Clinton was advocating exactly the action Trump ended up taking:


Russian Warship Heading To Syria

On Friday, Fox Business reported that a Russian warship has entered the eastern Mediterranean, heading towards the direction of the two U.S. Navy destroyers that were used for launching the missiles on Syria Thursday night. The Russian Frigate has left the Black Sea, gone through the Bosphorus strait and is traveling to the position of the USS Ross and the USS Porter. A U.S. Defense official told Fox News that the Russian frigate, Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494, crossed through the strait “a few hours ago.”


TASS, the Russian news agency, put out a report that a military source said Russia’s frigate heading towards the Syrian port of Tartus was “routine,” however many note that due to the military action in the region, Russia would have wanted to changed course.

Fox News is exclusively reporting more details:

The Admiral Grigorovich is armed with advanced Kalibr cruise missiles.

Also Friday, one of the American destroyers that launched the missiles into Syria started heading to an undisclosed location to rearm.

The U.S. struck a Syrian airbase in retaliation for this week’s gruesome chemical weapons attack against civilians, including infants and small children, military officials said.

The frigate was bound for the Syrian port of Tartus on a routine voyage, the Russian news agency TASS reported Friday, citing a military-diplomatic source.

“The Russian ship armed with cruise missiles Kalibr will visit the logistics base in Tartus, Syria,” the source said, according to TASS.

The ship was currently near the Blact Sea straits, Tass reported.  The ship left on a voyage after stopping at Novorossiisk for supplies and taking part in a joint exercise with Turkish ships in the Black Sea.

The Russian Ministry of Defence released images of the Admiral Grigorovich on Thursday:



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