Elites 70-year master plan for Europe

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle on 26th May 2017 @ 12.54pm © press


Vladimir Putin has warned that this is a just a manifestation of the New World Order masterplan.

Following the recent spate of terror attacks across Europe, countries are now bracing themselves for the next wave of attacks, but Vladimir Putin has warned that this is a just a manifestation of the New World Order’s’ “70-year master plan for Europe“.Putin told the Kremlin group: “The New World Order put hornet nests in your countries,” adding “And now they are poking them.”After the recent Manchester attacks which left 22 dead, the UK is now seeing martial law being implemented on their streets along with the likes of Sweden and Germany suffering huge breakdowns of law and order due to the migrant crisis.YNW reports: The New World Order’s plan to fill Western nations with radical Islamic immigrants – against the will of the citizens of these countries – and then unleash hell on earth by “poking them“, has been achieved.Putin believes that rejecting the open border policies forced on European nations must be rejected if the continent is to have any chance of a peaceful future. “My European brothers and sisters must reject the globalist open border policies being pushed onto them by the elite.”There is no place for sovereign nations in the globalists’ vision of the future, according to Putin.

And the Russian president pointed the finger of blame directly at the Rothschilds and their cabal of international elites.“The Rothschild-cabal have infiltrated your government, your media, your banking institutions.

They are no longer content with committing atrocities in the Middle East, they are now doing it on their own soil, desperate to complete the plan for a one world government, world army, complete with a world central bank.“They think they can do this by terrorising you into submission”

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