Global Cascade Of War And Unrest

Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

In the must-read new story from Michael Snyder over at his Economic Collapse Blog, he reports the globalist mouthpiece mainstream media is now ‘talking up’ a future war between Saudi Arabia and Iran that could quickly spiral out of control with the US, Israel, Russia and China joining in a conflict that could soon become inevitable.

Long known as the ‘world’s powder keg’ and for good reason, Snyder warns people better start waking up and paying attention to what’s happening in the Middle East because, if things go badly, the chances of the US and much of the world being dragged into it are growing each day.

As we reported Wednesday on ANP, according to former White House insider Steve Bannon, the region of the most danger to America and the world is not North Korea but the Middle East and with President Trump now claiming that China will help to defuse the situation in North Korea, the world’s ‘hotspot’ has quickly shifted to the place that has long been warned could set the world ablaze with a hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslims going back an eternity.

And while Snyder reports that there are hopes that cooler heads will prevail, as National Review reported back in 2015, ‘apocalyptic Islamists’ are actually PUSHING for a nuclear war as many Muslims across the world believe that such a war would speed up the arrival of their ‘mahdi’ while believing it is only through such an ‘end times war’ that ‘mahdi’ will arrive.


As Snyder warns in his story, the conflict that has been going on between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam has a long and bitter history, and the bad blood between the Saudis and the Iranians is never going to subside until one side or the other ultimately prevails.

Snyder warns us that a ‘hot war’ would not be good for the United States or anybody else as every scenario we can imagine ends with enormous numbers of innocent people dead, and such a conflict could ultimately be the spark that sets off World War III.

With Saudi Arabia now ordering its citizens living in Lebanon to leave that country immediately as shared in this story over at Zero Hedge that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning showing us how close we might now be to the Middle East suddenly breaking out into wide open hostilities, it’s long been warned that what’s happening in the Middle East will eventually come back home to haunt Americans.

As we read in this story over at SHTF, the near civil war conditions that are now happening in Saudi Arabia could ‘spill over’ into terror attacks within the United States .

And while their story goes on to claim that such terror attacks could be blamed on Yemeni nationals but actually carried out by ‘deep state’ agents who hold hostile views towards President Trump and his America-1st agenda as also heard in the 2nd video below from Infowars, we’re reminded we should all keep our eyes and ears wide open in the days and weeks ahead.

As we hear from Mike Adams of Natural News in the first video below, it sure feels like something huge is ahead with numerous possible “trigger events” that could unleash a global cascade of war, collapse and social unrest.

From the SHTFPlan story:

“There are going to be attacks, by what will be described as Yemeni nationals in the United States but I’m just going to put this out there, these are CIA operatives, CIA proxies who are rogue at this point because their entire infrastructure has been dissolved by the Trump Administration,” the source warned. 

“I’m just going to say it right now, during this week there is an attempt by Yemeni nationals inside the United States… false flag,” he continued after discussing who really launched the ICBM from Yemen.


Interestingly, as we read in this story from Infowars and hear in the 3rd video below, the source of the information seen above was taken into custody for revealing ‘deep state secrets’. And while we’re unable at this moment to confirm their report, we have to ask if a massive wave of Americans will soon be locked away without a key for speaking truth to power and the masses?

With their argument now completely destroyed with that last comment sinking in, we get back to the Infowars story about a long-time Infowars source being locked away for apparently speaking out about something that someone doesn’t want us to know about. Should we be concerned? Remember the long history of false flag terrorism here in America!


As we see in the incredible nasty spaghetti chart seen above from Daily Reckoning, the Middle East is an absolute mess with the diagram of geopolitical relationships so dizzying it would take forever trying to figure it out. With such arrangements of practically everybody fighting everybody else in the Middle East making President Trump’s mysterious plans for a Middle East peace  seem to be that much more unobtainable, we’ll repeat our previous call, should President Trump get America and the world out of the predicament we’re now in and avoid a future war, he should win a Nobel Peace prize. Remember! Barack Obama did his first year in office – and for doing nothing!

With the race seemingly on towards a Middle East war on all fronts, a war that could possibly drag in the world’s most powerful nuclear-armed nations on different sides of the conflict, might those who seek out a nuclear war to bring in their ‘mahdi’ soon get their wish? As we see in our closing and the final video below from Walid Shoebat, we’re now witnessing Biblically amazing times all around us as Shoebat warns us of the role of Islamic countries and their ‘Mahdi’ in fueling a nuclear apocalypse.


While the very last thing that most Americans and those in the West WANT is a ‘nuclear apocalypse’, as we sickeningly see in the National Review story, there are many Muslims who want such a scenario to play out sooner than later and while many Americans are now wise to the threat that radical Islam is, a threat much greater is out there.

As they warn us in their story, ‘to misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it’ and as we learn, the threat much greater than ‘radical Islam’ is ‘apocalyptic Islam’, those pushing for the ‘End Times’ for only through the arrival of such times will their own ‘savior’ arrive, who’ll force non-Muslims to conver to Islam or die.

To close, from the National Review story:

To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II, a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, candidly admits that the West is engaged in a “third world war” against Islamic terrorism. Abdullah adds that, at its core, “this is a Muslim problem. We need to take ownership of this. We need to stand up and say what is right and what is wrong.”

The king is right. The threat of radical Islam to the U.S. and our allies is serious and ongoing.

That said, there is a dramatic shift underway in the Muslim world. The most serious threat we face in the Middle East and North Africa is no longer radical Islam but apocalyptic Islam.

We face not just one but two regional regimes whose rulers are driven not merely by violent political ideology, or by extremist theology, but by apocalyptic, genocidal eschatology, or End Times theology.

The first is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The second is the Islamic State, or ISIS. The leaders of the former are Shia. The latter are Sunni. Both believe that we are living in the End of Days as predicted in their ancient prophecies. Both believe that any moment now their messiah, the Mahdi, will be revealed on Earth as he establishes his global Islamic kingdom and impose sharia law. Both believe that Jesus will return not as the Savior or Son of God but as a lieutenant to the Mahdi, and that he will force non-Muslims to convert or die.

What’s more, both believe that the Mahdi will come only when the world is engulfed in chaos and carnage. They openly vow not simply to attack but to annihilate the United States and Israel. Iran and ISIS are both eager to hasten the coming of the Mahdi. Both believe that the Day of Judgment is coming soon, when they will be either rewarded for their actions or condemned to hell for eternity. And both are receiving relatively minimal international opposition. Consequently, both believe that Allah is on their side, that the wind is at their back, and that victory is both assured and imminent.