One Step Before Battle Israel: Put the Army on Preparedness 4 - Warns Russia



Israel’s Defense Minister, A. Lieberman, following a council meeting with the Chief of Staff, General Gady Eisenkot, the intelligence service chief Tamir Hayman and other consultants, put the Israeli army in a state of readiness 4, a step before the war ..

Level 4 is the last one before the start of hostilities. The upper one is 5 and means war or natural disaster.

Israel is preparing for a multi-faceted fight.

“We gave orders to IDF forces” for top wartime preparedness due to developments, “ he said.

“Israeli IDF forces are gearing up for a wide range of scenarios, including Hamas’

Aid goes to Gaza as there are fears of Hamas attacks.

Russia in a statement said:

“We hope that our Israeli colleagues will behave reasonably with regard to the terms of action in the Middle East.

As a result of the fact that the war against terrorism is necessary, at the same time Syria should not become a clearing arena . “

The level of readiness has risen to Negev while flying fighter over Lebanon.

The US can respond with fighter F-22 to the S-300 delivery to Syria

A report says the United States can respond with fighters F-22 and F-16 V to the surrender of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Syria.

The US Air Force may use fighter F-22 and F-16CJ Vipers to suppress and destroy enemy air defense, according to, on the occasion of the surrender of Russian S-300 to Syria.

Russia🇷🇺 in Israel


We hope that colleagues will behave rationally in terms of actions in .We proceed from the fact that the fight against terrorism is necessary but at the same time should not turn into an arena for settling accounts, Deputy Foreign Minister Vershinin said