May 28 2019

Beth Moore is creating more controversy in Evangelical circles surrounding her continual tirade against Biblical womanhood.

Moore, arguably the world’s worst exegete, regularly defies God’s commands to stay low in the Church, not drawing attention to herself, and usurps the man’s role as preacher and teacher, not only to women, but to men.

Moore recently preached a sermon at Andy Stanley’s megachurch in Atlanta on a Sunday morning — on Mothers’ Day — which drew the attention of many. While Beth Moore, having a massive appeal to the carnal world — because she preaches from the flesh rather than Scripture — has a massive following. Currently, over 800 thousand followers on Twitter. That’s more than the top three Southern Baptist leaders, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, and JD Greear put together. She is undoubtedly a woman of influence — a Jezebel the Church tolerates (Revelation 2:20).

Yet, while prominent Evangelical outlets are calling the famous evangelist and Protestant hero, George Whitefield’s salvation into question, these same people are silent on Beth Moore’s continuous rebellion against God and his commandments. For consistency’s sake, one must also ask the question: Is Beth Moore Really a Christian?

She despises God’s call on her life to submit to and learn from her husband while remaining silent in the Church (1 Corinthians 14:342 Timothy 2:12).

While the Scriptures call on wives to be a helper to their husbands, Beth Moore actually takes on the role of husband and has her husband serve her while she does this.

Beth Moore is another one of the many end times female false teachers who are really motivational speakers who really want to be preachers who really want to be [like] men. She started out innocently enough, teaching the bible to women, then somewhere along the way, she changed. Drastically. In 2019, we find her leading a full-on frontal assault on both biblical womanhood and what the Bible says is the role for women who want to serve in the church to play.

She has gotten so bad, in fact, that we have made her a full-time resident of the Church at Laodicea.

“Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” 1 Timothy 2:11-14 (KJV)

So what has led Beth Moore straight down the path to apostasy? Well, one of the reasons that is instantly obvious is that Beth Moore has an ‘experienced-based belief’ in the word of God. That is to say that she only believes what the Bible teaches until it runs up against something she has experienced in her life. Then she changes her view on the Bible to match what her experience has showed her.

For example, oftentimes someone who believes what the Bible says about homosexuality being a sin will change that stance when a close friend or a loved one comes out as gay. This is how Beth Moore operates her ‘ministry’. Moore lets her life experiences determine what she will and will not follow about the Bible, when in fact, a Christian does just the opposite. A Christian conforms their beliefs around the Bible, and not the Bible around their beliefs like she does.

What Beth Moore is fundamentally (pardon the intentional pun) preaching is secular feminism through a #MeToo style filter. She wants women in the pulpit on a Sunday morning, just like men do, and she wants to tear down the ‘men in power’ as she does it. In short, Beth Moore is a full-fledged heretic who is looking more and more like she isn’t even saved. Follow her at your own peril.

In typical Beth Moore fashion, she claims she had an “experience” that changed the way she thought about Christianity — that led her to these conclusions.

FROM REFORMATION CHARLOTTE: If you’re an Evangelical — particularly a Southern Baptist — you could very well be familiar with Beth Moore’s recent tirade against Biblical womanhood. If not, you should read up on it as she’s arguably the most influential woman in all of Evangelicalism. While the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has historically held to complementarianism — that is, the biblical position that God created man and woman equal in status with differing gender roles — many Southern Baptists are now calling for a revolution.

Painting biblical complementarianism as “sexist” and those who hold to it as “power hungry,” Beth Moore doubles — triples down on her rebellion and essentially, just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, asks “did God really say?”

She starts her diatribe against biblical womanhood as follows and ascribing her unbiblical position to the Holy Spirit. In case you weren’t aware, that’s blasphemy.

Here is where she acknowledges that the Bible actually tells her she’s not allowed to preach, especially from the pulpit, and definitely especially on Sunday mornings to the congregation — yet, she questions it. She wants it to not say what it actually says. This is Satanic at its core, asserting that it’s sexist, power-hungry men who disagree with her preaching.

Then, in typical Beth Moore fashion, she claims she had an “experience” that changed the way she thought about Christianity — that led her to these conclusions. Notice that it wasn’t biblical instruction that led her to think this way — it was her feminist worldview.

And finally, she declares that no matter what, she will continue in her rebellion against God until she dies, and if the SBC won’t allow her, she’ll go somewhere else that will.

And as an added bonus, the gay-affirming feminist lady-preacher, Jen Hatmaker calls Beth Moore a prophet. A prophet. That should speak volumes in and of itself.

What Is Biblical Womanhood?

You may or may not have heard of the term biblical womanhood, so here is a good definition from GotQuestions.

Biblical womanhood is the distinguishing character of a woman as defined by the Bible. When God created two genders (Genesis 1:275:2Matthew 19:4), He also instituted different roles for each gender. He designed the bodies and brains of men and women to work differently and to fulfill complementary roles. A man does not need to act like a woman because he can never be a woman. He can never process information like a woman, because his brain, his DNA, and his entire being are male. The same is true for women trying to be men.


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