Eight more people in Japan were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus as of Thursday. (Arab News)


Arab News 21 Feb 2020

TOKYO: Eight more people in Japan were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on Thursday, excluding cases found on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined for the virus at the port of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo.

Japan – 108 + 634

A total of 634 people on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Yokohama had tested positive for the virus as of February 21. Meanwhile, an elderly couple that was on the ship has died.

Japan does not include the people on board as part of its national tally, in accordance with WHO guidance. Japan’s national tally is now 108. An 80-year-old had also previously died from the virus.

The Eight

The eight are a couple in the city of Fukuoka, four men in the cities of Sapporo, Sagamihara, Tomigusuku and Nagoya, and two women in Chiba Prefecture and the city of Yokohama.

The husband and wife from Fukuoka, both in their 60s, have not been abroad recently, according to officials of the southwestern city.

The man from Sapporo, in his 40s, was in charge of administrative work for the Sapporo Snow Festival, held for eight days through Feb. 11. He did the job with a person whose infection with the coronavirus was confirmed on Tuesday, said officials of Sapporo, the capital of the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido.

The man in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, is an inpatient in his 80s at Sagamihara Chuo Hospital, where an infected woman who died on Feb. 13 had temporarily received treatment. At the hospital earlier this week, a female nurse and two male patients were found to have tested positive for the new virus.

The Sagamihara municipal government is looking at the possibility of in-hospital infection.

The man from Tomigusuku, in his 80s, is the third person confirmed to have the virus in Okinawa Prefecture, southernmost Japan. The man, who has underlying diseases including diabetes, is hospitalized, and his symptoms are not serious, officials said.

He has never visited China, where the viral outbreak originated. The man did not seem to have had contact with any of the passengers of the Diamond Princess, which has been hit by an outbreak of the coronavirus, when the ship visited Okinawa.

The man from Nagoya, the capital of Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, is in his 80s.

Symptoms of the Chiba woman, in her 70s, are not severe, local authorities said. She is the seventh person found to have the virus in the prefecture.

The woman from Yokohama, the capital of Kanagawa, is the wife of a taxi driver infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, two boys in the northern Japan prefecture of Hokkaido have been confirmed to have the new coronavirus, the prefectural government announced Friday.

The two, one of who is under 10, are students at an elementary school in the town of Nakafurano, according to prefectural officials.

The under-10 boy visited a medical institution after developing a fever last Saturday. He was hospitalized on Wednesday and is recovering now.

The other boy developed a fever on Tuesday. He is also staying in a hospital from Wednesday and recovering.

The children have no histories of traveling abroad. The prefectural government is investigating how they have got infected.

Prefectural officials also said a female quarantine officer in her 40s who lives in the city of Chitose has been infected with the virus.

Japan has reported three deaths from the coronavirus, while Hong Kong and Iran have each reported two deaths from coronavirus. Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea and France have each reported one death.


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