Finally, President Trump is seeing the light on the real Dr. Anthony Fauci after a series of White House briefings with intelligence insiders who were critical of the embattled supposed coronavirus medical guru.


As detailed on the Thomas Paine Podcast Ep. 21, Trump has soured on Fauci after some closed door meetings at the White House this past week about allegations and questions regarding Fauci’s professional resume.

Dr. Judy Mikovits’ detailed disturbing allegations against Fauci on the Thomas Paine Podcast Ep. 19.

The anti-Fauci Intel was sparked by a damning interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thomas Paine Podcast Ep. 18 that literally torched Fauci.

That followed a brutally alarming podcast on Paine’s Ep. 17 that torched the CDC Director Robert Redfield and White House top doc Dr. Deborah Birx for fabricating HIV/AIDS vaccine research, according to internal DOD documents. And now the White House has been briefed as well. Paine’s newest podcast detailed the recent turn of events and since it aired this week, Fauci has been largely absent from daily White House briefings. Listen Above.

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below —

Ep. 21 — POSION IVY:
FED Insiders Blow Roof Off Massive Harvard-China National Security Scandal Stretching from Wuhan, China to the Ivy League — a Top Chemist’s Crime Spree That Prospered Wildly After Obama’s DOJ Shut Down an FBI Probe, Plus More Dirt on Bill Gates, Fauci & Much More….