The Eiffel Tower in Paris at dusk.


Exclusive: Lord Monckton exposes U.N. ‘agreement’ to establish world government

Published: 11/01/2015 at 3:36 PM

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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I have now read the late-October draft of the “agreement” that the U.N. will bounce all nations into ratifying at the climate conference in Paris at the end of this month. It is nothing less than a coup d’etat by the global governing elite. It is a charter for punishing prosperity, destroying democracy, finishing freedom and wasting the West.

It is not only the freedom of the people (in those countries that still retain it) that is now under direct and grievous threat. The freedom of all governments to govern as independent, sovereign powers in the interest of their peoples is about to be taken away forever.

Now we know why the now Leader of Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was given the top job, and why Canada has a new Prime Minister.


 Video from Sept 2014 in Australia — 1 Hr 17 mins