Video of the blast that leveled several city blocks in Beirut, Lebanon, may be the smoking gun proving the explosion was caused by a missile


Shocking video of Tuesday’s blast that leveled several city blocks in Beirut, Lebanon, may be the smoking gun that proves the explosion was caused by a missile, and not an accident as authorities claimed.

As Washington Sentinel reported on Tuesday, the massive explosion destroyed several city blocks of the port area of Beirut killing dozens. The explosion shattered windows for several miles in the city and could be felt as far as Cyprus, hundreds of miles away.

As far as the authorities are concerned, the whole thing was just an unfortunate accident.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, insisted that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored for six years near the waterfront accidentally ignited causing the explosion.

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(The explosion, as filmed from a boat with inverted colors out on the port waters, is amazing. Watch missile come in on first and second view angle from top left.

Note there is controversy over this video, we leave it to the viewer to make their own judgement as to a nuke, no nuke, missile, or no missile. Once thing is clear, it was a massive explosion:)

Story continues below videos:

Video Sources: Live Leak & Freedom Outpost

The missile strike appears at the 5- 6 second mark. Click on link below.

However, according to some videos of the explosion, the claim that it was all just an accident seems just a little suspect.

An infrared version that purports to show the conflagration shows what appears to be a missile slamming into the warehouse at the epicenter of the explosion.


Could it have been a rocket attack? Many witnesses said that there were two distinct explosions. Was the second one caused by a missile?

And if so, who did it? Local, or regional enemies, or enemies from abroad?

Questions still remain, but one thing is certain. It seems likely that this was not a conventional weapon, and was most likely a WMD in the tactical nuke class. A study of Janes indicates that this could be an Israeli weapon. It would make sense that Israel would hit a Hezbollah controlled port which is rife with illegal activity and where a recent large build up of “terror” rockets were located.

If Israel hit them, then they better get the message. Israel today, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever.

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