Daniel Andrews warns 'thousands will die' if lockdown were to be lifted

Wild scenes in Melbourne as 1,000 anti-lockdown protesters descend on the city and clash with police – as Daniel Andrews warns restrictions won’t end ‘until virus is defeated’

  •  Protesters have been arrested at Freedom Day rally in Melbourne on Saturday morning
  •  Hundreds turned up to ‘Freedom Day’ marches in the coronavirus-hit city – demanding an end to lockdown
  • Alarming footage captured demonstrators lying on the ground while being taken away in handcuffs 

Dramatic scenes saw demonstrators tackled to the ground while officers struggle to detain them.

The Bombshell — Daniel Andrews warns restrictions won’t end ‘until (the)virus is defeated’

The protests kicked off at the Shrine of Remembrance but coronavirus-deniers have since taken to the streets, stopping traffic near Albert Park.

One crowd faced off with police on horseback as the chant ‘Freedom’ rang out across the city while dozens were arrested.

Anti-lockdown protesters were bombarded with police outside the Shrine of Remembrance on Saturday

One man is seen caught in a scuffle with a Victorian police officer during the protest

A standoff between Victorian police officers and coronavirus-deniers is seen outside the Shrine of Remembrance on Saturday

One man had a mask forced upon him by Victorian police officers - claiming he was going to the dentist

THe man is seen arguing with police at the march on Saturday. Thousands vowed to attend the protest but many announced they would not turn up in the days before the march

Ralliers were warned a large police presence would be seen if they attended the protests which defy the city’s strict COVID-19 restrictions.

One man claimed he was going to see the dentist when confronted by police outside the Shrine of Remembrance.

Police later arrested the man and forced a face mask upon him, The Herald Sun reported.

officers in riot gear have since descended onto the streets as the protest continues to make its way across the city.

In the lead up to the march, many of the anti-lockdown movement’s most notorious members announced they would no longer attend.

James Bartolo was charged with incitement on Friday for allegedly encouraging his mass following to attend the rally.

Following his arrest, Bartolo told Nine News he would not be at the march.

The mass crowds or protesters were outmatched by police who swarmed the Shrine of Remembrance on Saturday

One woman with a top reading: 'Freedom' was seen being dragged away by two police officers and she desperately tried to fight them off

Police scramble to detain a women seen at the protest in Melbourne on Saturday morning. A large number of demonstrators have been arrested

Another man was seen walked away from the demonstration by police officers with his shirt pulled over his arm

Hundreds of protesters were at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance but they were outmatched by the mass of police

Officers scuffle with another protester refusing to wear a mask as the Freedom Day rally spirals out of control

Officers and Melburnians fall to the ground during dramatic arrests from the anti-lockdown protest on Saturday

‘I wanted people to not go to the protests, now, hopefully, (the) protest won’t go ahead, I hope you put that on,’ he said on Friday night.

‘It’s a trap because Daniel Andrews just wanted to blame the protest to extend the lockdown.’

One woman with a top reading: ‘Freedom’ was seen being dragged away by two police officers as she desperately tried to fight them off.

Despite the hundreds of protesters in attendance, they were no match for the army of police.

It’s believed around 200 people had gathered at the Shrine of Remembrance by Saturday morning, Nine News reported.

Police on horseback have since formed a line along the steps of the building with protesters reportedly throwing punches to break through.

The coronavirus-deniers armed with ‘end the lockdown’ signs and Australian flags have continued to make their way across the city into Albert Park.

One woman had her sign that read: ‘End the lockdown the people are suffering’ confiscated by police.

A man is placed under arrest at the anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne on Saturday. Many were seen clashing with police

Victorian police officers pin down a man who had attended the march in Melbourne on Saturday

A woman without a mask is seen holding a sign that reads: 'End the lockdown the people are suffering' during Saturday's protest

A woman without a mask is seen holding a sign that reads: ‘End the lockdown the people are suffering’ during Saturday’s protest

Police then clashed with the protester and took away her anti-lockdown signs

Police arrest one demonstrator while holding back another during the rally in Melbourne. It comes after Victoria recorded 76 new coronavirus cases

The large crowd which has reportedly grown into the thousands has even stopped traffic throughout Melbourne’s CBD.

Police helicopters are circling overhead keeping a watchful eye on the furious protesters below.

The dramatic march comes just one day before Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews reveals the ‘road map’ plan for the state out of lockdown.

Earlier leaked documents suggested the 8pm-5am curfew and tough restrictions on businesses would continue for another two weeks.

According to the leaked documents, residents will be given the luxury of two hours of exercise a day, which can be split into two sessions, from September 14 – the official date Stage Four comes to an end.

The report stated that from September 28, up to five people, including children, from up to two households will be allowed to meet outdoors for social interaction.

Permits will no longer be required for childcare and in-home childminding, according to the document.

Outdoor personal training would be allowed for up to two people per trainer and outdoor pools will open for exercise for up to 20 people at a time.

Police line up on horseback in Melbourne as hundreds of protesters descend onto the coronavirus-riddled city

One man is seen shouting for the end of lockdown during the wild protests on Saturday. It's believed dozens have been arrested

One woman is led away by officers after partaking in the Freedom Day protest on Saturday

The woman is placed into the back of a police vehicle upon her arrest in Melbourne

Meanwhile in northern NSW, protests have spiralled out of control in Byron Bay.