Dismantled Documentary logo and taglineA powerful new creation / evolution documentary has landed.The online premiere weekend has just started. You can watch for FREE anytime over the next three days!The FREE online premiere runs for another:Countdown timer

It closes at 2:59pm on Mon. 12 Oct. (AEDT)

Why not gather some family or friends this weekend for a BBQ and a thought-provoking documentary?**Being sure to comply with local COVID-19 regulations, of course!Details and trailer are below. // DISMANTLED:A scientific deconstruction of the theory of evolutionWe’ve been told that modern science and the theory of evolution have disproved the Genesis account of creation.

We’ve been told that the fossil record proves that humans evolved from ape-like creatures (known as hominins) over a period of several million years. We’ve been told modern genetics shows how our evolution from such hominin ancestors occurred—through a steady process of mutation and natural selection.
However, compelling evidence from major scientific fields—including biology, paleoanthropology, and genetics—has cast serious doubt on this evolutionary account of our history. In fact, DNA analysis of people living around the world powerfully reveals that the biblical account of creation is far more scientifically accurate than what we’ve been told.

DISMANTLED presents fascinating evidence supported by leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Interviews with well-credentialed scientists further shed light on how the findings of modern science are collapsing the theory of evolution and simultaneously confirming the biblical view of origins recorded in the book of Genesis.

Watch the trailerFeaturing seven creation scientists:Dr Robert CarterDr Rob Carter (CMI)Marine Biologist / Geneticist Dr John SanfordDr John SanfordPlant Breeder / Geneticist Christopher RupeChristopher RupeBiologist
Dr Nathaniel JeansonDr Nathaniel Jeanson
 Dr Georgia PurdomDr Georgia Purdom
 Dr Jason LisleDr JasonLisle
 Dr Andrew SnellingDr Andrew Snelling 

// Watch as evolutionary stories are DISMANTLED by real science!


Open quoteDISMANTLED is a very well done documentary. It covers a lot of ground in a logical and winsome way. I thought the section on genetics is particularly good. The conclusion is that ‘real science’ (i.e. ‘operational science’) shows us that the evolution of humans from ape-like creatures (and other similar claimed transformations) is impossible. What’s more, even secular science is converging on a model of human history that is sounding more and more like the history recorded in the Bible! I highly recommend DISMANTLED—it is well worth your time to watch, and will certainly encourage Christians in their faith, while gently challenging non-believers in their view of the world.Dr Don Batten
Managing Director, CMI–Australia
(Ph.D. in plant science)