• What a difference a day makes . . . or in this case, what a difference security video makes! After security camera video from inside State Farm Center in Atlanta caught election workers red-handed inserting Tens-of-thousands of phony Joe Biden Ballots into the election counting machines, the Governor of Georgia has changed his tune.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is now telling the Secretary of State there should be a “Signature Audit” of election ballots. 

Previously, that same Governor CERTIFIED the election results, saying there was “no evidence of election fraud” and giving Joe Biden the “win” with Georgia’s Electoral Votes.

It is widely reported that if a Signature Audit is performed, almost HALF A MILLION ballots are likely to be rejected, most for Joe Biden because most of the ballots for him were fraudulent.

This would turn the tide for President Trump and give him a win in Georgia.

As the slugfest over the November 3 election continues, look for more stunning developments in state after state.  

December 14 is the “drop-dead date” for the election; that’s the date Electors meet in state Capitals to actually cast their ballots for President.

Stay tuned.