When a Newsmax host walked off during a live interview with MyPillow’s Mike Lindell this week, it was an example of “cancel culture” Lindell said, talking to The Victory Chanell on YouTube on Thursday.

Mike Lindell calls Newsmax incident ‘cancel culture’, says his documentary ‘Absolute Proof’ marks either REVIVAL or END TIMES

“It was the continuation of cancel culture,” said Lindell, discussing the situation. He explained about the big lawsuits by Dominion and the rest, and said that Bob Sellers “stormed” off over. He said again that it was cancel culture in discussing it with

Lindell’s documentary Absolute Proof came out on Friday, airing on OAN behind a massive disclaimer.

The hosts asked him about what has been motivating him to stick with his mission given all that’s happened. “What has driven you to do this?” they asked Lindell, who said he’s just looking for the truth.

He said he couldn’t give up because it’s an “attack on our country, our lives, our American dream.” He said that it’s “a communist takeover” and “the biggest attack on humanity in history, ever.”

“I knew God had his hand in all of this from the get-go,” he said. “Every day I’d pray to God, we need a miracle here, and we got it,” he added, referring to his documentary.

He then said that the result of airing the documentary will be so massive and prove things so definitively that “either this miracle happens now, which is going to start [with his documentary]” and it will result in “the biggest revival in history,” which will “unite everybody and we’re going to once again be one nation under God.”

OR, if his documentary does not successfully convince people that the 2020 election was fraudulent, “then it’s the end times.”

“This isn’t a thing of, better luck in 2022! It’s over! It’s over everybody. Look at Marxism, it’s this cancel culture. They take away communications. This isn’t a Democrat party that’s in there. This is an entity that came into this country through election fraud and, came through the machines.”

YouTube has already banned ‘Absolute Proof’ and is busy banning repostings of it from other accounts, although it is still available through One America News.