Infowars.comMarch 4th 2021, 5:26 pmW

Watch President Trump’s full CPAC speech here and at Banned.Video.

YouTube has banned President Trump’s CPAC speech from their platform.

Right Side Broadcasting reported on Thursday YouTube deleted their exclusive video of the speech, despite it having close to 4 million views. Additionally, they were issued a two-week suspension.

In an update, RSBN revealed YouTube claimed they removed the video for violating their policy on election misinformation

The video was subsequently removed from other channels that also carried the speech, however it’s unlikely those channels were cited for policy violations.

RSBN adds that YouTube policies would have allowed the speech to stay up had the channel provided commentary representing “countervailing viewpoints.

During the speech, Trump teased a 2024 presidential run stating, “I may decide to beat them for a third time.”

He also declared the 2021 election “rigged,” to which the crowd chanted, “You won! You won!

Trump’s son, Don Jr., called out YouTube on Twitter for blatantly disregarding freedom of speech.

This type of Big Tech censorship and gatekeeping is expected by the radical leftists at YouTube who are helping prop up the China’s installed globalist puppet Joe Biden, and it’s exactly why Infowars created Banned.Video.

Watch President Trump’s full CPAC speech below:

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