Posted On October 26, 2021 Shepard Ambellas

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A video game first revealed in 2007 depicts a grim scenario in which the powers-that-be detonate nuclear bombs in fissures located deep within the Cumbre Vieja volcano ridge, which subsequently triggers a 1,900-foot tall tsunami wave that wipes out New York City, along with the United Nations Headquarters. 

The graphic adventure game Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis was officially released for sale in Germany in 2008. The European Union in 2010 paints a diabolic display leading into gameplay that ties into what is currently happening today on the French Canary island of La Palma.

The Fusionsphere Systems and Animation Arts product was made available on Microsoft Windows, Wii, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch platforms, allowing a broad audience of gamers to consume the predictive programming-style propaganda.

Although the island is a hot spot for sun-loving tourists, nefarious forces can turn the brittle western slope of the volcano into a weapon, causing great devastation, possibly killing 100 million people.

“By placing several bombs in carefully calculated spots, we can use thermonuclear explosions to heat that water so that it will evaporate instantaneously,” says an evil-sounding voice narrating the animation.  “If you’d paid attention in your physics classes, you would know that such evaporation of water would create sufficient pressure to shatter the volcano’s brittle slope and send it crashing into the sea.”

According to the graphic animation, a megatsunami would sweep across the East Coast of the United States, completely wiping out New York City.

“New York will disappear in an apocalyptic flood, taking with it the self-proclaimed rulers of the world who are currently squabbling in blind incompetence at the U.N. headquarters,” the narrator said. “The resulting vacuum of power will be filled by our followers, some of them who have been biding their time in key positions for decades.”

The crazy electronic saga suggests that the new power structure will lead to a new Golden Age.