If you dare to step out of line, there are grave consequences for you, ranging from attacks on your character, removal from your careers and community, to imprisonment.

The Russia/Ukraine war is the Globalist’s latest excuse to control the information battle-space, target individuals who disobey or contradict their narratives and strip people of their most fundamental rights. An astonishing example took place Thursday evening on Australian Television.

During the Australian ABC show Q&A, pro-Russia man Sasha Gillies-Lekakis, a 22-year-old Spanish and Latin American Studies student from the University of Melbourne, criticized the networks reporting about Ukraine. Presenter Stan Grant then ordered the man to leave the studio.

“There are many Russians here and around the world who support Putin’s actions in Ukraine, including me,” said Gillies-Lekakis, who is part of the Russian community in Australia. “I am outraged by the narrative created by our media that portrays the Ukrainians as the good guys and the Russians as the bad guys.”

Since 2014, the Russian population in Donbas has been besieged by the Ukrainian government and Nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion, Gillies-Lekakis said, adding that an estimated 13,000 people have died in the conflict, according to the United Nations.

‘I Have to Ask You to Leave’

Some fellow audience members shouted at Gillies-Lekakis, “That’s a lie!”

Gillies-Lekakis asked why people are suddenly so concerned about the fate of the Ukrainians, but not that of the Russians killed by the Ukrainian government in recent years.

Presenter Grant then asked him to leave because he felt “uncomfortable.” You can ask a question, but we can’t justify violence, he said. “I have to ask you to leave,” said the host, boiling inside.


Gillies-Lekakis wanted to make another comment but was cut off by Grant, who grew increasingly angry. “We must not allow people to justify violence!”

The audience applauded Grant’s stance and apologized for the “disruption.”

“It was not a vetted question,” he said. “It was a question that was, you know, a rogue question if you like. It’s not good to exclude people, but we have to take those steps from time to time.”

It is hypocritical to claim to support freedom while not even entertaining a different point of view. Instead, the host chose to silence Gillies-Lekakis and not even tolerate the view, factual or not, that the Russians were at one point victims of Ukrainian aggression. Despite being outraged and not agreeing with Gillies-Lekakis’s opinion, stripping people of their freedom of speech is what Communists countries do.

Similarly, the Ukrainian president put the main opposition party leader under house arrest and shut down three TV channels.

ABC also claimed that Gillies-Lekakis did not ask the question he had agreed to and what he said instead “contained major inaccuracies.”

“As the program developed, Stan Grant, a highly experienced presenter of live TV, was aware that other audience members were distressed,” a spokesperson said. “After careful consideration, he decided the best course of action was for Mr. Gillies-Lekakis to leave the studio, which was live-to-air. The ABC fully supports his judgment and handling of this situation.”

Gillies-Lekakis Addresses Removal

On Friday morning, Gillies-Lekakis addressed his question and his removal from the Q+A audience in a statement posted on Facebook.

“I am aware there has been a lot of controversy surrounding certain statements I made and the position I took regarding the Russia-Ukraine situation,” he wrote.

“I am unequivocally against war and the loss of any lives, be they Ukrainian, Russian, or any other, and want to be clear that I made no statements indicating anything to the contrary – I made no direct statement sanctioning violence or conflict.

“I was hoping to make the point that I support Putin’s grievances regarding the breaking of the Minsk peace agreement by Ukraine, and the ensuing loss of life, particularly in the Russian-populated areas of the Donbas.”

Question Vetted by ABC

Gillies-Lekakis also said it was “not true” that his question was “unvetted” and “rogue.”

He claims to have followed all the appropriate channels, including submitting the question via the Q&A portal and editing it at the request of production before the program. “The only addition I made to my question when actually delivering it was my reference to the Azov Battalion … and some sentences were left out towards the end as I was interrupted,” he said.

Gillies-Lekakis said being asked to leave and Grant’s statements following his departure were “disappointing and unprofessional.”

“I am genuinely sorry things took the turn they did,” he said. “However, at the same time, an acknowledgment of the ABC’s questionable conduct would also be appreciated – if my question was not appropriate for the show after being vetted and edited, I wonder why I was invited at all.”

Race to Discredit Gillies-Lekakis

The Daily Mail quickly released a story attacking Gillies-Lekakis and drawing attention to his semester abroad in Cuba.

Meanwhile, former heads of state, prime ministers or ministers, French or European, have not all announced their resignation from the governing bodies of Russian companies where they are administrators or advisory positions.

It seems in our new Globalist controlled world; you can only ask a question as long as you don’t threaten the predetermined narrative. If you dare to step out of line, there are grave consequences for you, ranging from attacks on your character, removal from your careers and community, to imprisonment.

RAIR Foundation USA recently reported that The Czech Republic, a former Russian ally and current NATO member, is now threatening citizens with three years in prison for voicing support for Russia.

This is one more step towards controlling the entire information sphere in the West, especially in the Anglosphere, where the World Economic Forum (WEF) has the most influence. It seems the Russia/Ukraine war is the Globalist’s latest excuse to control the information space and strip people of their most fundamental rights.

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