Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, April 8, 2022 – 13:01.


 For this edition of The Doug and Dave Intel Report, airing on the CSS, Dave returned from his sickbed to get behind the microphone with the newest edition of the show.

Doug and Dave discussed the changing nature of global conflict. Doug shocked Dave when he referenced the phrase “this is a case of the New World Order vs. the “Old” New World Order.” Unknown to Doug and many others, Dave had first used that same exact phrase to describe the competing forces vying to capture the American Presidency in 2008. Obama, had the “Old” New World Order behind him (ie Rothschild, major oil companies, etc) as he was opposed by McCain, who represented what Dave had come to call the “New” World Order. Yes, it was competing versions of the same evil.

In part, the election of 2008 was decided by the superior and eldest of the oil companies and bankers. The upstart competition was led by McCain and in 2008, they got their collective “lunch” handed to them as Obama smashed McCain in the election. That same conflict has now resurrected itself, in Ukraine, in a slightly different form.

Noted precious metal experts, David Graham and EB Tucker, have both recently stated, the conflict in Ukraine is symbolic of the division between competing money currencies. Elon Musk has weighed in on this subject as well! Musk clearly has made the case that a digital money system will be accompanied by a digital ID and that is a very bad development for individual liberty.  The news for the average American is bad, because like every other Biden deed, the American people are suffering because of the impending imposition of digital currency. Biden has embraced the digital side of the debate in compliance with Klaus Schwab and the WEF, while Putin has broken from the WEF and has brilliantly attached his financial future to gold and the experts agree, America is heading down the path of despotism. Christians, as this interview reveals, render a much harsher judgment.

One our favorite quotes from Steve Quayle is coming to pass in real time when Steve said “…the sins of the leaders will be revealed.”  Americans will soon have to decide what hill they are going to die on. 

This edition of the Doug and Dave Intel Report is not for the faint of heart.The interview can be heard by clicking here.